Hairy lessons from a drug lord

In ‘Breaking Bad’, you’re following the ventures of Walter White, a high-school chemistry teacher who fails in life.

His wife thinks little of him. His students in class mock him and don’t respect him or his being. And he makes so little money from his teacher job that he has to have a second job washing cars. Pretty embarrassing for a 40 year old something adult man.

Then, an idea to produce and sell crystal meth arises and pretty soon Walter White finds himself involved with the underground drug scene in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Don’t worry, I haven’t spoiled the fun for you. This is pretty much what you can read on the series descriptions on Netflix.

However, the trigger moment that makes Walter decide to make money producing and selling illegal drugs is when he gets diagnosed with cancer. He knows that he may not live to see his only son grow up, and that he’ll die early.

But before that, he at least attempts to battle the cancer using cancer medicine.

Which makes him lose his hair.

A very graphic and visual moment is one day when he wakes up, goes to the bathroom, starts shaving himself, and then goes on to comb his hair. But, instead of feeling the comb sort of ‘plowing’ through the hairs on his head, he doesn’t feel anything. Because there is no resistance. The hairs are loose. He’s losing his hair and it’s gradually falling off. In fact, he can pick loose big balls of hair from his head.

So he makes the decision to go bald.

Might as well do that if you’re about to lose your hair anyway.

Walter White is a man.

If you lose your hair and you’re a man, it’s not nearly as bad as losing your hair if you’re a woman.

Obviously I’m a man too, which means I don’t know how it is to be a woman and losing her hair. But I’ll still take my chances and say that it’s a pretty horrible thing that happens. You don’t want to lose your beautiful hair.

You know, the hair that makes you so pretty as a woman.

What you’re occupying yourself with every single day, perfecting.




And so on.

And now it’s gone.

That’s what happens to a lot of cancer patients, unfortunately.

However, a lot of patients who suffer from chronic pain disorders such as for example fibromyalgia tend to lose their hair as well. We’re talking about pretty significant hair losses, too. Like you’re actually noticing that you’re getting thinner up there.

If you’re stressed out, you’re especially prone to losing your hair.

Doctors still haven’t completely found out why. Some believe it’s because you lack iron. Some believe it’s because you lack Vitamin B-12. Others say it’s because of ‘miscellaneous factors’.



That’s all I hear.

Patients are actually losing their hair because they’re stressed out over being in pain, and doctors suggest all kinds of causes.

What about focusing on a solution instead?

A lot of people have had success relieving themselves from their pain using CBD oil.

Obviously, there’s no given way to reverse the hair loss, but the calming, soothing effect of CBD oil has had an effect on stress which may prevent you from suffering from more hair loss.

After all, unless you hate your hair, I assume you want as much hair as possible up there, right?

I know I would.

Anyway, thought I’d just let you know, in case you suffer from chronic pain, stress and hair loss.

There is hope out there.

There is also prescriptions, waiting lines at the doctor’s office and vast amounts of ridicule and deliberate misunderstandings.

And then there’s CBD oil.



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