Have you seen Thomas’ big head?

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readOct 19, 2020


Once I read a book about a kid who was tasked to go see his grandmother and bring her some Danish pastries, against his own will.

You see, it was snowing outside, the little boy was busy building a garage out of paper sheets, but his mother wanted him to deliver these Danishes to his elder relative. Against his own will, he was forced to go outside, all by himself, with the pastries. Angrily, he accepted the task, but in so doing, he made sure to hand out a Danish to whomever requested it from him.

The main reason I remember the book so well wasn’t because the story was so thrilling, but because of the drawings of the characters.

And, one of the characters who receives a Danish from our little hero, is his friend who’s named Thomas.

In the book, Thomas ain’t doing so well.

He’s got the mumps.

For anyone who knows a little about illnesses, mumps is a typical children’s disease. The kids don’t get a rash and it’s not particularly dangerous (at least not to my knowledge), but some of their glands in their necks and head swell a lot and it causes both their heads and their neck to bulge a lot. In fact so much, the poor kids look a little weird.

Safe to say, little Thomas ain’t no exception.

I particularly remember the drawing of Thomas sticking his extremely big head out of the window, shouting after the main character. In fact, I remember *more* of how Thomas looked like than the main character, including the very name. Obviously, because the other characters in the book are so smug, elegant and ‘perfect’. Including the main character. But Thomas with his big head is just different.

Anyway, Thomas gets a Danish and that puts a smile on his face. Because even if he’s sick and has to stay home, well at least the main character of the book was kind enough to give him some candy.

This ain’t got nothing to do with fibromyalgia or chronic illnesses, by the way.

But, I just heard about a woman who had some, according to her own words, ‘weird swelling and nerve pain’ in her neck. Probably because of some thyroid condition she was citing. She also suffered from fibromyalgia. And, she didn’t know exactly what to do about the swelling thing.

Probably best to see a doctor, in her case.

As for swelling in one’s neck, whether it’s an adult suffering from a thyroid condition or a kid having the mumps, I recommend you go see a medical professional.

As for the neck pain?

Well, could be that CBD oil would have been just what the doctor would recommend (no pun intended).

Only one way to find out.