HLEVs, Vol. I

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readMar 23


Brace yourselves!

It’s time to go at it again.

This time, the inverse of yesterday.

Not Lower Class Energy Vampires [LLEVs].

But, the introduction of their superiors.

As such;

One of the things I keep on seeing is how a lot of High Level Energy Vampires [HLWVs] affect the lives of others. Especially how easy they manage to sway and swoon those who are easily affected.

That is because they *are experts* at making it seem like they have it all;





And so on.

To some degree, this is true.

That is, they actually manage to do a lot of things right. They get the girls. They get the money. They strike valuable business deals. And they really, from a distance, appear genuine.

However, there are some subtle cracks, that once spotted, aren’t so subtle after all.

They Maybe DRESS the same way as their idol.

They Maybe STAND UP for the same cause as their idol.

They Maybe engage in conflicts with the same adversary as their idol.

So on and so forth.

The bottom Line is: The HLEVs secretly admite someone else. They pedestalize others. Not themselves. And, because of that, they are perhaps the most disingenious people of all out there. These are the people that have no soul or no spine. Can’t or won’t stand up for themselves.

A rotten facade.

See if you spot the HLEVs in your life.

At first it Might be hard,

But eventually they shine bright like a Diamond.

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