Hot girls

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readSep 12, 2021


Let’s talk about dating and girls.

No, I won’t go into details for obvious reasons. But let’s just say I was once dating this girl a little on and off. I really wasn’t too vested into that relationship. I think she was more than I. Either way, I really didn’t enjoy spending time with her. I don’t know why. I just found her boring. Sex was great and all of that. She even cooked food for me. But there was just something more that was lacking.

I guess I wasn’t properly in love with her.

Which means my emotions weren’t where they were supposed to be.

It meant our relationship was mostly her giving me a lot of her energy and me not caring to give it back.

Yeah, I guess I was the ‘bad guy’.

Eventually though, we just naturally drifted apart from each other. I didn’t see any reason to pursue it simply because she didn’t give me what I wanted.

And so it is with people in general.

Whether it’s a girlfriend you aren’t falling in love with, a friend who’s walking a different path than you or a business colleague that you simply just cannot ‘bond’ with.

Some people are more like than others.

And finding those who have the same life view as you is challenging.

You have to go through a lot of different hoops to get where you want.

Especially to get to WHOM you want.

Sometimes it means you have to be disappointed.

Sometimes it means you have to disappoint.

In general though it means you need to find out what kind of people you want to spend your time with first.

This is an integral part of becoming a successful man.

And I talk about that in my consults.

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