‘How do you just not give up?’

  1. Actually believe in yourself and your ability to get over your struggles. This is of course much more difficult than it sounds, and admittedly not as “sexy” or “cool” as a lot of other suggestions either. But, as with everything, your mindset is the most important thing that you have. Believing that you actually can fix something, whether it’s yourself or another device and/or person, is futile without the proper mindset in place.
  2. Stay in activity. Yes. I’m completely aware that it’s not easy to do when you’re suffering from pain. And, you’re not supposed to run up to the top of Mount Everest or deadlift 300 lbs either. I’m just asking you to physically move around, lift something or to just do something to stay in activity.
  3. Do a small thing to improve your situation every day. It can be as simple as paying off a bill that’s been laying around for too long. Or writing a sentence on your computer. Washing the dishes. Or cleaning your room. Just do something. And then, the next day you do a little more. And a little more. And then, with hard luck and determination, you’ll have accomplished more than you would have dreamed of.
  4. Change your diet. A lot of people consume processed foods with a lot of carbohydrates in them. Like bread, pasta, rice and so on. I’m not saying that those foods are downright unhealthy, I’m just arguing that you should try and leave them out of your dietary regimen for a while and see what happens. In many cases, people will lose weight when they cut back on the carbohydrates.
  5. Try out a health supplement. Of course, I’m very biased in this regard. Yes, I actually do believe that you should try out CBD oil. Because it has helped so many people relieve themselves of their pain. And, you don’t need to go the doctor to get a prescription. If you’re in the US, you can legally buy CBD oil in most states. Be sure to check with your local authorities first, though.




5 proven ways to become a successful man: https://t.co/mVHGYb7PDA?amp=1

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Aasmund Ryningen

Aasmund Ryningen

5 proven ways to become a successful man: https://t.co/mVHGYb7PDA?amp=1

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