How NOT to eliminate fear…

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readMay 27, 2021


Don’t you love it when someone promises you to ‘cure all your fears’? I know I do. Read more to find out.


Let’s talk about an important subject.


Most people have one or several things they’re fearful of. Could be heights, going to the dentist, being in open or closed spaces and all that jazz.

And there are many ways to ‘overcome’ your fears.

At least if you believe the Internet gurus who make it sound like it’s just about ‘facing’ your fears and getting rid of them once and for all.

If you’re afraid of going to the dentist, I doubt things will get much better if you force yourself to go. In fact, I’d say anyone who ‘defies’ their fears like that will have an even worse experience than what they thought was possible and will now quite likely never go, ever.

It’s like being afraid of having your hand eaten by a crocodile and then finding a hungry crocodile, jaws wide open and sticking it into its mouth, hoping that it will ‘cure’ you of your fears.

It won’t go well…to say the least.

What may go well though is ‘hacking’ your brain into not believing in fear anymore. Simply put, you REMOVE those feelings of fear.

Now, here’s the question.

HOW do you remove those feelings of fear so you can get on with your life?

The answer is taking a nootropic.

Such as for example [REDACTED] which is completely non-addictive and doesn’t cause any known side effects.

At least that’s what our customers tell us.

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And that’s it.

At least that’s my recommendation. There is no need to put yourself in danger or risk total and utter humiliation if you can actually change your brain into thinking otherwise.

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