How to lose weight and look shredded

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readMar 6, 2021


Old but gold. A ‘fat loss build muscle supplement’. Something that people will always dream about.



Now you can lose fat WITHOUT losing muscle.

You know how many people who undergo a total weight transformation often have to adhere to a strict diet with foods they really don’t like and that in the end only makes them lose fat?

Sure, they’ve gone down some sizes clothing wise and they look slimmed down and healthy…

But as soon as they remove their clothes you see them for what they are…

Skinny arms.

Weak shoulders.

A flat stomach without a sixpack.

Thin legs.

In short, they go from looking like a barrel to a stick insect.

And, many of them secretly aren’t satisfied with their own progress. Sure they’ve lost their excess fat, but at the behest of losing muscle tissue as Well. And they feel so weak…

One of the reasons a lot of people make this mistake is because they don’t consider all the aspects of losing fat and gaining muscle….

Losing fat…

Consuming lipolyptics…

Dieting right…

Increasing metabolism…

Sticking to only one of these methods isn’t going to cut it unless you want to end up looking like the stick man…

You need THEM ALL!

That’s what [REDACTED] is all about. It’s about taking the best of what works and jamming it into one power-filled, fat loss friendly health supplement that can help you look lean and shredded like body Builders do.

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Instead of going on about all the ingredients and the ‘natural sources’ that this supplement contains, I’m making it abundantly clear why so many people who want to chop off their fat but preserve their muscle, end up failing.

If you look around there are indeed lots of skinny people who used to be fat but who aren’t exactly jacked.

And what better way to do it than using this supplement? A couple of photos could also have been included, but it is what it is.