I cannot rest my head on a pillow

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readApr 10, 2020


‘Pain has always been my normal, which isn’t normal at all.’

Sounds pleasant, doesn’t it?

I bet it does.

(For the record, that was strictly ironic).

What I’m referring to is a rather heartbreaking story about a young girl in her mid-twenties who suffered from fibromyalgia. Growing up, she always wondered why she was in such pain. She couldn’t comprehend that this was the normal. None of her friends went through this, and her parents couldn’t do anything but feel sorry for her, whenever she complained. To make matters worse, she went in and out of doctor’s offices, taking tests, without strictly learning *why* she suffered from her pains.

It’s an integral part of the story that this little girl didn’t know she had fibromyalgia. Nor was she correctly diagnosed with it for a long time.

The pain followed her day in and day out.

At school. At home. During day and night.

For example, she had to take ‘pain meditations’ before playing a basketball game at school. Often, she had to slip away during the day and rest a little in her car.

All because of some incomprehensible pain in her body.

She managed to get by, despite all of her pain issues.

But one day, her body finally said stop. In one of the most brutal ways ever possible.

In her own words, this is what happened:

‘I woke up one June morning with flank pain, slinking down the left side of my body. It sidelined me from my workouts, and then it grew worse. It was hard to breathe and impossible to fall asleep. I wound up in the ER for the first time in my life.’

Doctors then gave her a CT scan and told her she had a kidney stone.

When in reality, her body had fallen victim to fibromyalgia.

But things didn’t get any better any time soon.

She went in and out of the ER several times that whole summer, and doctors couldn’t still diagnose her properly. They gave her all sorts of treatment and medications, but nothing worked. In fact, her condition worsened.

Personally, I found that when she couldn’t even put her head on a pillow to sleep because the pain in her neck and head was so intense.

Imagine not being able to properly rest your head while you’re sleeping.

Now, the story goes on and on about what fibromyalgia is and how the medical community, according to the article, hasn’t fully grasped what the illness is yet.

I’ll just end it right here by saying that CBD oil has helped a lot of people who suffer from fibromyalgia, literally giving them a new life.

So there you have it. I’m not saying that CBD oil will instantly remove your pains, but it surely has done so for lots of other people. In an extreme case that I saw the other day, a person who suffered from the same illness had tried all sorts of remedies for 25+ years, and nothing came close to dealing with the pain than CBD oil.

Just sayin…