‘I had a dream last night…’

I forget which song this excerpt is taken from.

It really doesn’t matter.

What matters is the context. The song is an old one and it was probably released around the mid-nineties or so, when I was 10 years or so and was busy playing video games or doing something else unproductive like a lot of kids that age do. Whatever I was doing, I was certainly not busy taking care of my health as I should have been doing. In fact, I really didn’t care much about my health at all. I just assumed that I would be healthy for the rest of my life.

With the exception of a cold now and then, as well as a couple of fever episodes, I really didn’t have too much to complain about.

That was until my back started giving me trouble.

I cannot exactly recall when it started to happen, but it was during those times. At school it would feel uncomfortable to sit down and to get up from the school chair. Once seated though, things went fine. Gym sessions were a nightmare, as was hanging out in the schoolyard and playing football (when I say football, that means soccer for the Americans) and so on. For whatever reason, the bottom left of my back, in the area between my spine and my hip would be really sore and give me a lot of problems.

Walking was a real pain in the back (heh, did you get that one?)

Going home with my backpack loaded up with books was equally as bad. Especially because my backpack or rucksack had a steel frame with some sharp edges on it that pierced into certain parts of my back and hips. As a result, I had these red marks on my back. And the pain just continued.

It really didn’t end.

Whatever I was trying to do, the pain was always there. Sitting down and watching all the stupid TV shows I was addicted to, of course didn’t help either. In fact, it only made things worse. I would probably have benefitted from working out, but try telling that to a 10 year old.

Anyway, so my mother decided to take me to a chiropractor. What happened there was, the guy would take his knee and squeeze it into my spine while telling me to breathe in and out. When I breathed out, he’d bury his knee deep into my spine, so it almost felt like he meant to pierce through it.

It really didn’t work.

The pain just continued to be there. I told my mother. But, she insisted I should keep seeing the guy. And I think I went to see him four or five times a year for about a couple of years. Then, for whatever reason, I was told by my mother that I shouldn’t go see him any more. I was fine with that. My back, however, was not. It still was sore and I was in deep pain at times.

Eventually, though, things improved. I must have been around 17–18 years when I last remembered having my back pains. Nowadays, I don’t have back pains at all, unless you count the self-induced workout injuries I get every now and then.

So, things are good for me in that regard. But, I had to endure and sustain 7–8 years (possibly more, I cannot exactly remember whether I got the back pain at age 10, 9, 8 or earlier) of back pain with pretty harsh flares and pain periods at times.

Anything but comfortable.

You know where I’m going next with this, right? I’d done *anything* to use some CBD oil for my pains if I knew what it was back then. Now, there may have been reasons for why I shouldn’t have taken CBD oil because I was a kid and a teenager during that period, but I’ve yet to see anyone state that CBD oil is dangerous for you, if you’re a kid.


I’ll just say that instead of nearly a decade of pain, I’d be happy to try out something that has helped so many people.

Wouldn’t you?


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