Would’ve been something to strive for when you’re old, right?

At least that’s my opinion. I personally believe that you’re actually supposed to look younger than your XX years. Obviously that depends on where you are on the age scale. If you’re 12 years old and you’re reading this (quite unlikely, but hey, who knows?), then I’d assume you much rather want to look older. However, if you’re like me at the time of writing, 35, you want to look like you’re in your 20s.

Here’s where I’ll also take a huge risk in saying that the whole ‘looking younger than what I really am’ thing mostly applies to women instead of men.

Do with that opinion what you want, Cap’n.

However, let’s get back to the original statement.

A patient who’d been struggling with several pain issues for years issued that statement after a mere week of trying out CBD oil for the first time.

Of course, like everyone, this person was a skeptic. For some reason I’m going to assume that this was written by a woman since I just got that feeling. In any way, anyone who’s offended by this may do themselves a favor and get lost. This ain’t the place where we hand out excuses on a conveyor belt.

Anyway, to get to the point, after the first day, she didn’t need a pain pill to to cope with her issues. She was doing just fine.

By day three she, in her own words, ‘I was able to sit up in bed without holding on to something.’

Pause for a second and think things through a little.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I wake up in the morning I usually curse myself for having to get up (I love sleeping in and flipping the pillow over to the cold side, as well as laying still in bed), then I almost always have to take a leak anyway and I take a look at the time.

Then I get out of bed in a hurry so that I’m over with it.

The getting out of bed part usually takes between 1–2 seconds. Sometimes even faster. I literally jump with my back and rise up, ready to conquer the day. Occasionally I get neck pain. Like in having a stiff neck. It’s awful and it means I have to go very slowly when rising up because my neck is stiff like a log and very sore. Sudden movements hurt a lot.

Getting out of bed is pretty much the most insignificant little thing I do in my life along with taking a leak or a dump and brushing my teeth. Just ordinary, boring stuff that you have to do every day.


never, ever, ever, ever in my life have I had to actually hold on to something whilst sitting in bed.

My back takes care of that alone.

And most people’s backs do that just fine.

Just imagine how awful things must be for someone who cannot even sit up straight in bed without having to cling to a pole, a handle or something else. To me, that’s a completely otherwordly issue that I hadn’t even thought of, prior to reading what this poor woman was saying.

Something for you to think about the next time you’re getting out of bed.

Also, I’d like to add to the story that she was also able to sleep without pain. She’d been immobilized for years.

It didn’t really say for how many years this woman had been immobilized, but it’s safe to assume that she’d been prevented from doing various activities for years.

Imagine just going to bed because you need to sleep, but you know you won’t sleep properly because you’re in great pain and there’s nothing you can do about it, except taking painkillers and hoping that the pain goes away.

Actually, that reminds me of something.

I went on a failed date once. I won’t lie, she didn’t exactly look like the pictures of herself. She was fatter. Not so pretty. So on and so forth. I felt deceived. But I decided to do the best out of it. So I stuck around and I let her tell me her story.

Basically, she didn’t say much interesting other than that one time she accidentally cut her toe while showering. It was a nasty cut, too. She told me the cut actually was so deep, she could see her bone.

Pretty nasty.

But, being the lazy person she was, she didn’t care much.

No, she just put on some band aid and went on with her day. Despite heavily bleeding and being in pain.

Eventually, after a couple of weeks, the pain was so intense, she just had to go to the doctor. Who in turn, rushed her to the hospital, where they had to perform an emergency surgery on her toe. Her nerve was badly damaged because of the poor treatment she gave her wound.

If she hadn’t shown up at the doctor’s office that day, she may have had to amputate her toe.

That’s how bad it was.

And how little she cared about her body.

Admittedly, that was her own fault.

Choosing not to go to the doctor ‘because it’s work’ is one’s own fault, no matter what.

Being cursed with fibromyalgia and not being able to treat it, isn’t one’s own fault. It is one’s own bad luck.

Being cursed with fibromyalgia and choosing not to attempt treating it, is…

…well, I’ll say it’s ignorance.

At least.

You might think different.

CBD oil is still out there, for anyone who cares.


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