Imagine if you lost your pain support tomorrow…

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readNov 14, 2020


…what would happen to you?

How would you react?

How would you respond?

Not to mention the obvious; how would your body respond? How would it be, knowing that your doctor, whom you relied on totally for emotional and physical support for your pain would have to reject you in a few months? All because of some political insurance stuff?

How would you deal with having to find a new doctor?

Or a new ‘specialist’?

Someone who didn’t know who you were. Someone who you’d have to get to know and who’d have to get to know you. You’d have to first book an appointment with the new doctor. Then tell them about your pain problems. Let’s say you suffered from some sort of chronic pain disorder and that some days were way worse than others. You know those days where you wake up and you just know it’s going to be a bad day. Your head is aching, your back is stiff as a steel bar and you’re already dizzy and have nausea when you wake up. It’s going to be one of those stay at home and make the best out of it days.

Whereas the next day, it could be the opposite.

Or almost.

Sure, you’re not 100%. You still have some nausea, you still are somewhat dizzy and you still ache somewhat in both your head and your back. You’re at maybe 70% of peak level. Enough that you can make it through the day.

How in the world can you properly explain that to another human being and have them understand you, unless they’ve been through the same thing?

I’m not saying that every doctor should have had chronic pain, but they should at least have some understanding of what chronic pain is…


More, let’s say you actually book your consultation with the new doctor.

You show up, you enter the doctor’s office, you sit down and you do your best to explain to them your situation.

And they don’t believe you.

Or worse, they’re trying to second guess you. Like they actually know your body better than you do. And now, they do what so many other doctors do, which is misdiagnose your physical pain and believe that you suffer from…

…psychological pain.

Which isn’t the case at all!

Sure, you have good days and bad days. And of course the bad days affect your mood. It’s depressing. Your illness and all the things that you’re missing out on in life — that’s depressing! It makes you cranky, moody and grumpy.

After all, who wouldn’t have been like that?

If they, day after day after day suffered from pain that simply wouldn’t go away?

And now, you have this smartmouth know-it-all expert who thinks that the problem is that there’s something wrong with your brain and that you’re simply just depressed?

Honestly, so many of these doctors and medical professionals are so full of it.

And they don’t even realize it themselves.

Which is, I’d strongly urge you to do as so many others have done before you.

Jump on the CBD oil wagon.

Before it’s too late.

Or is the thought of having to ‘justify’ your bad mood because the pain is really unbearable today that much of an inviting thought?

Your call.

I’m just pointing out the obvious.

If you’re tired of having to beg on your knees for a prescription…

Of having to drive around to see three experts a day with each their different opinion…

Of having to cancel plans and dates left and right…

…then perhaps CBD oil wouldn’t have been that dumb a choice, would it?