Important facts about CBD oil and health supplements

Aasmund Ryningen
4 min readMay 13, 2020


The following won’t probably do you much good if you suffer from various pain issues and you’re not sure what to do.

However, even though it may a little ‘dark’ and ‘depressing’ reading this thing, it’s also vitally important. And the reason is, there are so many shady marketers and manufacturers out there that rather want to sell their CBD oil products and don’t care whether their buyers actually manage to cure themselves of their pain issues. If you ask me, it’s morally deceptive, unethical and borderline illegal. Not only that, but these scammers also contribute to undermining the authority and the reputation of CBD as a whole.

The reason why I’m harping on about this, is that joint inflammation and chronic pain issues is a serious matter, and only serious solutions should be discussed.

Life isn’t like in the movies where all you need to do is to take a tablespoon of medication and then you’re fine.

Although a few lucky souls perhaps manage to do so.

There are those who, literally by the help of a couple of droplets see their inflammation gone in minutes. I’ve witnessed it firsthand. Or that is, I haven’t ‘witnessed’ it, I’ve just seen video testimonials and spoken with former patients who’ve overcome their struggles. Since the inflammation is virtually invisible unless you’re a trained professional and you dissect the joint, you have to take the patient’s word for it.

Now, why would anyone who’s struggling with a joint inflammation outright lie about this? That really doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

The real key to relieving oneself from all the pain and suffering in life is to understand that there is no free lunch. It’s going to take a lot of willpower, hard work, grit and determination. For most people, this often involves a change in diet, lifestyle and perhaps even moving somewhere else. A lot of pain is caused from not being mentally well. Many people who suffer are depressed and struggle with other things in addition to joint inflammation.

Not only that, but it usually also takes time.

It’s normal that it at least takes between 3–6 months before there are any results that are worth nattering about.

Oftentimes it can take a year.

And in some cases, although they’re very rare, the CBD oil medication doesn’t work at all. There’s just some people with bodies who are not responsive because — well, we’re literally different people, you and me. My body may respond better to a treatment than yours.

However, these cases are so rare that you’ll likely not be one of them.

Still, it’s something that definitely should be mentioned.

Now, the reason I’m going on about this, is that a lot of people get their hands on a health supplement, CBD oil or not and think that it’s going to save their lives. Quite likely, it will not. Instead, what these people experience is a big letdown.

Like a patient’s doctor once said (literal quote);

‘Even my Doctor told me one drug leads to another in all will damage your organs.’

Obviously, taking one or a couple of health supplements won’t likely damage your organs. But stockpiling up on pills without paying much attention to different side effects may cause your health to take a hit. As well as your organs. Which is why you should be utmost careful when considering taking health supplements.

I’d actually like to expand on this idea a little. That is on the whole stacking up of pills. I’ve seen and heard of people who take tens of pills for their diseases and illnesses. It ain’t a pretty sight.

Not only is it inconvenient for them — they literally have to remember to take *all* their pills, not just one. That means that they actually have to carefully calculate how many pills they must have at home with them at all times. Going somewhere is always a nightmare, because it means that they need to bring their pills with them — all the tens of different pill boxes.

And let’s not forget the hassle it is to travel by plane, having your carry on being checked and so on.

And, there are the side effects.

Yup, you see, some of these pills are so strong and harsh on the stomach that these people need to take pills to curb the side effects for their medication pills. That of course leads to an *even* bigger pile of pills.

And what do you think happens when they accidentally forget to bring the ‘side effect pills’ with them?

Well…their stomach won’t be happy, that’s for sure.

Now, as for CBD oil (this is *not* health advice, btw), there are no known side effects of CBD oil, and the overwhelming majority of people who use CBD oil are very satisfied with it.

So, if you think you’re ready to use it, go ahead.

Worst case, you’ll spit it out because of the unpleasant taste.

Best case, you’ll heal yourself.

Isn’t the thought of bringing just one bottle of liquid with you compared to a pile of 20 something pills a little more inviting?

Of course it is.

But, don’t take my (written) word for it.

Try it out yourself.