Is smoking weed for losers?

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readJun 15, 2021


One of the Internet personalities that I look up to the most disappointed me lately.

No, I’m not going to drop his name for obvious reasons. But let’s just say he’s taught me a lot of stuff about life in general. Including topics that I really didn’t care about. But he made it funny.

Anyway, it turns out he’s regularly smoking weed to ‘get high’.

I forget what he exactly said about it, so I may be on the wrong track here, but I very much believe he said he ‘needed’ to smoke weed before working out.

Think about this for a second.

If you ‘need’ to consume a drug before doing physical exercise, that’s not very good, is it? It’s kind of like admitting to being addicted to some substance before gettting on with your life.

‘Oh, I NEED this drug right here to do X action, otherwise I’m going to fail and lose.’

Seriously, what kind of life are these people living?

I don’t know, I just know that I couldn’t do it. Especially regarding how dangerous smoking weed really can be. No, I’m not talking about the weed itself, I’m just talking about how it changes your body and how it can make your body crave more intense, really dangerous drugs, like heroin, amphetamine, ecstasy, and so on.

At least that what was some rehab worker told me.

He said something like the following:

‘It all starts with the cannabis. Then they develop the need for something heavier and they start doing all of these very dangerous drugs. Even though cannabis may appear harmless, it’s the gateway drug.’

Think long and hard about that if you struggle with motivation or productivity. You don’t want any ‘gateway drug’ to tamper with and screw up your brain, right?

Much less your heart and your body.

Instead, you need something that actually works.

A substance that comes without side effects, isn’t a drug and certainly doesn’t open up the way for consuming more dangerous narcotics.

What you need is a nootropic that’s called GENUIS MUSHROOM NOOTROPIC.

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