Keeping Your Ways New All The Time

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readMar 25



Let’s begin on a different note.

If you’re one of these people who are addicted to the dopamine rush of seeing flashing images, subtitles and people regurgitating the same things over and over again, y’might as well unsubscribe right now.

I do not talk to lazy people with goldfish memory.

I talk to people who actually are adults and who manage to think for themselves. They usually make for better customers as well because they actually have money.

Many of them have lived some years and aren’t totally engulfed with all the nonsense that’s going on in social media today.

Anyway, so that’s my little rant for the day.

Now for the *real* topic.

I’ve recently been out travelling a little.

Y’see, when you’re based a little here and a little there you actually need to go to different places. That means different setups, living in different rooms, under different circumstances, also at different times. For example, I haven’t been able to bring with me all my studio equipment that I usually do for my calls. Nor have I been able to do as much boxing and training as I’d ideally wanted because of difficult logistics.

Here’s where a lot of people would have used any excuse in the world for a lack of output.

I don’t.

In fact I kept on doing my videos, my podcasts, writing my emails and putting in the reps training wise. Was it as good as me being at home?

Absolutely not.

Was it as good as it *could be* in the circumstances?

The answer is a loud and reverberating: ‘HELL YEAH BABY!’

And here is my point.

Because I value my Time and Energy SO much, I cannot afford to stop working in the ways that I prefer, even if I am physically removed from my usual workspace.

I am indeed a creature of habit.

But why should those habits be left behind when I’m moving somewhere else?

Why should the fact that I’m not at home where I’ve got access to all my stuff mean that I cannot fulfill my obligations on a daily note?

Do you *need* candy every Saturday?

Do you *have* to get lunch by 11AM Monday — Friday because your colleagues are?

Do you *have* to smoke weed and eat Lay’s Potato Chips washed down with Mountain Dew just because your loser friends are?


Else, getting back to your ‘old ways’ becomes too much of a hassle.

But if your ways never become old?

What if your ways always are ‘new’ and filled with momentum, Power and Energy?

See, this is what I’m all about. This is why I insist on even bringing my kettlebells with me if I’m going somewhere and I do not have access to kettlebells at that other location, and it is logistically possible for me to do so.

In fact, ‘getting back to old habits’ doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.

Because my habits never expire.

They only change for the better.

You try doing that, too.

Look at your GOOD habits and your BAD habits. Eliminate the bad ones. Replace with good ones.

And make sure the good ones stick.

Because as they stick, so does your Time and Energy Protection [TEP].


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