Kiss o’ Death of a President

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readAug 28


South on the continent, in particular in Spain, things are heatin’ up a little.

And I’m not talking necessarily about all of the forest and wildfires which have been occurring as of late, though that surely would be an interesting thing do discuss.

No, what I’m talking about has little or nothing to do with fire in and of itself.

In fact, I’m talking about a sport. More precisely, football. That’s football as in soccer for the Americans reading this email. And about the President of the Spanish Female Soccer Association or whatever it’s called.

If you didn’t know, The Spanish Female Soccer team won the world cup.

And during the celebration ceremony, the football president grabbed the match winner and kissed her on the mouth. By the looks of the footage it wasn’t a forceful kiss. It certainly wasn’t deserved or appropriate either. And if the chick in question hadn’t been attractive…well, you know the deal. It most likely wouldn’t have happened. Men will always be men.


Of course the media, the football player in question and virtually ‘everyone’ involved in Spanish female football [I don’t think they’re that many to be honest] went after the guy, demanding his head on a plate. I think he was suspended by FIFA for three months or some such. Not sure if he’s resigned as of yet. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up doing it. After all, it’s kind of one of those things you are *not* supposed to be doing, for so many reasons.

But it’s worse than that, actually.

The football president’s mother has gone on a hunger strike.

She refuses to eat. And, I assume she’s pretty old and all of that. So definitely not a healthy sign, and it just all adds up to the shit show that is Spanish female football today.

Proverbially, this was the Kiss o’Death for the President.

Now, for the important thing:

This is stealing and draining *everyone’s* Energy and attention. People have better things to do than to argue, vent and moan. An old woman is literally killing herself because of the treatment her son gets. People are pissed. Everyone is directing their Energy in the *wrong* direction.

It is the antithesis of being an Electrifying Persona [EP].

To learn how to be an EP and live like one, I suggest you keep on reading a little bit more, because I’ve got something I want to give you.

It is my book which I wrote on the topic. About how to create, guard and protect your own Energy Levels and how you can use them to do good for yourself and others. How you’ll build your business. How you get more girls if that’s your thing. How to you become more successful in life as a whole.

I have a small surprise [and a spoiler!] from my book; it all begins with being happy and content on the inside.

There is so much Energy in Happiness and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Sounds good?

And you’d like the book?

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And I’ll see you on the other side.