Let’s go to the psychologist and get shagged?

Aasmund Ryningen
4 min readAug 29


I just read an article about how some male psychologist had been charged for sexual intercourse with a patient of his.

Aside from the improper conduct, it just goes to show the state of any so-called ‘psychologist’ or ‘therapist’ today. I know I’m paining with a very broad brush, but I keep seeing all of these articles and journalistic pieces about how these people abuse their positions in exchange for something sexual.

At the base of it all is of course the lack of well being with the psychologist himself.

If you cannot control your urges when you have an attractive and good looking woman seeing you for sessions, how in the world are you going to dish out advice? Same thing goes for republican and presidential candidate Chris Christie who’s literally a walking heart attack. This is not meant as an insult, but more as an observation. If you cannot control what you put in your mouth, how in the world are you going to control one of the biggest and probably *the most* influential country in the world?

The answer is, you cannot.

I keep hearing all sorts of stories about therapists, doctors, shrinks and whatnot. Especially as it pertains to their sexual urges and how they cannot control themselves.

I think they’re bad people who soaked it up during college to acquire some degree and a title so they could take advantage of people at their weakest and lowest point in life.

Yes this includes children, and no I have no need to further elaborate. You can all think for yourselves.


I’ll just say it like it is [that’s usually what I do best];

If you’re a man with two balls and a dick and you cannot get laid routinely, do you think your life will improve by taking advantage of people and in some cases committing rape?

Of course not.

It’s only going to make things worse for you and it ain’t going to solve the real problem here;

Namely that you are too big of a pussy to walk over to a hot girl and shoot your shot.

It’s that simple, yet that hard for so many.

And yes, you’re going to get rejected, have your heart broken, maybe even be laughed at a couple of times. So what? Who cares? With each rejection you’re closer to your goal *and* sooner or later a girl is going to say yes.

Not sure if that’s how things work for a girl, but if you’re a girl reading this, I’m sure you get a lot of guys hitting on you the wrong way all the time.


This goes back to your Energy Levels or really, the lack of Energy with some people.

If you’re so weak mentally you cannot even talk to a girl, take her on a date and have fun [yes, in the *nonsexual* way, you perv!] before you get into the hanky-panky stuff, you have a lot of issues.

One of them being your Energy or rather, lack of.

I literally experienced this the other day. I was at some gathering. We were seated around a table. Three dudes and two girls. The other two guys looked completely defeated. Scared. Anxious. Nervous. Wouldn’t even talk. The girls felt, quite rightly so, uncomfortable. I, on the other hand, exuded Energy and started talking to them. We had fun, told jokes and whatnot.

It was all because I wanted to spread Energy their way.

And you can do the same.

You see, that’s what I teach when it comes to being an Electrifying Persona [EP].

It is about Energy Creation and spreading.

Whether you’ll use that to make more money, get laid more, network better, get a pay rise at your job or simply to make more friends, I do not care that much about.

What I do care about is that you actually use what I teach you.

And you can learn more by reading my FREE ebook which I actually wrote on the topic.

You see, spreading and retaining Energy, as well as using it for something good, requires you to be happy on the inside first. Happy as in content with life. That doesn’t mean smiling like a dumb clown all the time. But it means being content with whom you are and what you do about it.

If you’d like to learn more about how to create and retain your Energy Levels, you can read my FREE ebook which I wrote on the topic.

It is dense and jam packed, but highly, highly valuable.

You can get it by going to my bio, clicking on the link and following instructions accordingly.

Will I see you on the other side?