‘My doctors just laugh and refuse’

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readJul 12, 2020


Picture the following.

You’re in great pain. Every day is a struggle to you. You desperately wish you could just get a slight relief from the pain that keeps preventing you from doing whatever you want to do in life.


Working out.

Or whatever kind of leisure activity is that you find enjoyable.

Even going to work is a struggle. Getting up in the morning, putting your hurting, swollen feet on the ice cold floor before desperately searching for your slippers and then limping over to the bathroom before you finally can sit down on the toilet and relax your body a bit. Stretching your body to be able to wipe yourself in the butt after doing you know what. Washing your hands. Brushing your teeth. Bending over and stretching your body and your limbs to put on clothes.

Reaching for stuff in the fridge. Grabbing kitchen utensils from several drawers.

Washing the dishes.

Putting on shoes and tying the shoe laces.

Putting on jacket and locking the door. The twirling motion with your wrists when you’re locking the door to your house.

Walking over to the car.

Opening up the door.

Bending down as you’re sitting down in the car seat and starting the car.

Using your arms to drag the wheel when you want to turn your car.

Over and over again.

Every single day.

Each of these motions that normal people who don’t suffer from chronic pain disorders don’t think about is like a nightmare to you.

It hurts so much every time you twist your wrists. When you pull that wheel. Even when you’re using your fingers to tighten the shoe laces.

It stings.

Like your limbs are burning.

The reality is, you don’t know if you can handle it anymore. It just hurts so much.

But until those doctors start listening to you and take your pain seriously, you don’t have a choice. Because the prescription drugs that you’ve been requesting, you’re not getting.

And that is because your doctors simply don’t believe you.

Yes, they actually don’t believe you when you’re telling them about your daily, intense pain.

Instead, they laugh and refuse to give you the drugs you require.

This is a sad reality that many people face.

The truth is, a lot of doctors are not properly educated on the subject of chronic pain disorders. A lot of them think it’s all in your brain.

Like they know how it is to feel that burning pain every single day.

Like a million wasps are stinging you from inside while you’re standing in boiling hot water up to your knees and someone is slicing you up with burning blades.

Yes, that’s how many patients of chronic pain disorders feel.

Inflammatory diseases are ruining their lives.

And, they often do not get the prescription drugs they need. Because their doctors just dismiss their pain as a mere trifle.

I’ll tell you what’s not a trifle and what has helped a lot of people:

CBD oil.

It’s real.

It’s natural.

And it comes without any prescriptions.

No taunting doctors.

No paperwork.

No waiting in lines at the pharmacy.

If you suffer from a chronic pain disorder with for example joint inflammation, go get yourself CBD oil today.

Or, is the thought of seeing the doctor for the thousandth time, getting ridiculed and mocked, that tempting?

You decide that yourself.