My MILITARY recruitment scheme

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readMar 27


One of my biggest issues in life has always been keeping the right sort of people around me.

Y’see, unlike a lot of others who actively engage in, and seek to attract as many friends and peers as possible, I go the other way. Namely, the way of seeking to disqualify and spotting for red flags as early on as possible. I like to lay traps. And I like to make other people come after me and fall right into my traps.

Those who do not fall into the traps and survive the wild hunt, well…

…I’ll say they’ve got a most loyal friend for life.

And that’s really something.

In today’s day and age where people cast stones at each other for nothing, I believe in creating such rock solid foundations.

Even if it means having a lot of people falling off in the beginning.

It was kind of like when I started out with civil engineering class at the university. In the beginning we were a lot students. Perhaps around 120 or so. After the first month a good 30 had quit. By the beginning of the subsequent year I’d say the number had been readuced to about 70 or so.

And in total perhaps 65 or so graduated after 5 long years.

You already understand the lesson.

The harder you make something, whether it is a task or some sort of requirement that needs to be fulfilled, the higher the quality of the people who succeed. Hence why certain military programs have a lot of resistance baked into them.

I forget the cat’s name, but he was being interviewed by the one and only Jocko Willink. I believe they were talking about Buds or whatever the Navy SEAL recruitment program is called.

The point is, they’re trying to get you to quit.

They *want* you to quit.

Or certainly to get the feeling of quitting because that’s how hard life can be like sometimes. Especially if you’re going to war.

Sometimes, that’s what we’re doing. Especially me. Whether it is war against laziness, war against not wanting to go to the gym, war against being poor and broke and so on.

Life is war and constant competition and to save myself the Time and Energy I need, as well as protecting it [TEP], I need the best people around me, who are willing to walk the same way as I do.

You should, too.

So, enforce boundaries. Lay traps. Be prepared to be disappointed.

Look for the exceptions.

They’re rare, but they’re out there.

And that’s how you create a tight circle of winners only around you.

After all, there’s nothing like having someone who shares your sentiment[s] of Time and Energy Protection [TEP] as well as you do, right?

Whatever you choose to do, remember you have this one life.

Be careful with whom you are sharing it.


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Also, when you are….

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