My Privileges, And Why They Matter To You

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readMar 22


I thought about something the other day.

I do not have any low energy people in my life.

I am void of the Energy Vampires Which suck the very life out of every interaction with normal people. In that regard I am very lucky. There are few, if any, people who bother me, bug me and disturb me in my everyday life.

Part of it comes down to me being ruthless with whom I allow into my life.

Part of it comes down to the sort of people who naturally gravitate towards me. They have so much to lose. Like myself. They cannot tolerate people who do not bring value or add anything useful to their lives. Why would they? Why should they?

If you are struggling with Time Thieves and Energy Vampire in your life now, and you *know* you could do something about it, Why don’t you?

Why do you not actually cut them loose?

Why do you not sever ties with them?

What worth is there to allow such people into your life?

Now, that doesn’t mean that you from time to time will encounter such people. We all do. During most of my interactions with people, you’ll spot or see a few types.

But do you willingly engage with them or do you walk away from them?

Do you allow them to followa after you?

This is a very good acid test, by the way.

After having naturally finished a statement or a sentence, physically walk away, excusing yourself.

Do they follow suit?

Do they literally follow you?

Regurgitating the same nonsense as before?

If they do, you know you have a leech at hand, who cannot follow simple social codes. That is a typical trait of a Low Level Energy Vampire. Y’know, the retards. And, there are more people out there who are retarded, than you think. Try it out yourself the next time you are engaging with someone. I think you’ll be surprised just at how socially inept so many people are.

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