My secret treat

I personally dislike Sundays.

Or that is, I personally dislike every other or third Sunday. Because that’s when I have to clean my apartment. Now, I don’t have to clean my apartment. I could’ve just pretended like there wasn’t any dust particles, any dirt, no hairs, no bread crumbs or food leftovers scattered across the floor. Could’ve also swept it under the rug. But, the combination of growing up in a household where having a clean environment was more important than having fun, and being a detail oriented person, I need to do it.

In fact, I personally can’t stand to see dust or hairs or whatever in my presence.

Call it obsession. Call it stupidity. Call it whatever you want. It’s something that I have to do something about.

So I’ve chosen Sundays as the day to do it.

The worst day of the week. The day before Monday and when a week starts over. From my childhood and adolescence, I remember Mondays as the day where I had to go back to school, when I had to get up early in the morning and everything was just horrible. For most adults it means the day when they have to go back to their jobs and listen to whatever kind of boring stuff their colleagues did on the weekend.

Now, to the point.

I vacuum clean. And mop the floors. Wipe the surfaces. Even clean the toilet, the sink and the shower.

As much as I dislike doing it, it’s important. Hygiene. Germs. And so on.

That’s why I had a ‘housewife-moment’ when I saw an ad for a cordless handstick vacuum cleaner, because that’s just what I need. Now I finally won’t have to spend time fetching the vacuum cleaner and after that, find the mop and fill a bucket with hot water, then add some detergent. With this thing, I can do everything all at once. Fantastic, right?

Yeah, if you’re a housewife and you’re into cleaning and that sort of thing.

I personally am not.

I find it boring.

However, as boring as I find it, I also find it necessary. And that’s why I’d never in a Million years admit to myself that this thingy is something that I’d desire.

It’s embarrassing and awkward.

But, it looks like I’ll have to buy one. I’d save so much time.

Now, I can only imagine how someone who suffers from chronic back pain would have managed to cope with the stress of rolling out the cord, plugging it into a socket, then pushing the button to start the vacuum cleaner and then having to carefully navigate the household landscape before having to move chairs, couches, tables and so on and then also not bump into a vase or anything lese that could break, before having to unplug the cord, and then scout for a new socket to put the cord into because the cord wasn’t long enough to reach the other side of the room and….

…have you heard enough yet?

I don’t think investing in such a cordless handstick vacuum cleaner would solve your back pain issues, but it might make things a little more convenient.

Something else that could make your back pains a little more convenient, or a lot more convenient, depending on how much effort you’d put into it yourself, is CBD oil.

But it usually requires you to apply patience and work on yourself as well. What I mean by that is that the CBD oil won’t work immediately, unless you’re one of those people whose bodies are exceptionally responsive to CBD. If you are, then great for you.

If you are like most people though, you’ll have to wait.

And put in an effort yourself. If you truly are overweight and you’re carrying around big amounts of lard around your waistline, you probably would benefit from losing it. Maybe that would also take care of the inflammation that you’re suffering from?

I don’t know.

I just know that CBD oil works for a lot of people and usually those people put in an effort themselves. Like in working out, changing their diets and so on.

With all that being said, the rest is up to you.


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