Nasty elephant feet and what to do about them

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readJun 26, 2020


Currently, there’s a heatwave going in my area.

We’re talking high temperatures of as much as 100 degrees, easily. If not more. And no wind. Aside from the scorching sun and the blistering heat, the immense pressure you feel when you’re walking outside is actually what bugs me the most. Still, I go for a daily walk at least once a day. I like getting sun on my skin. So that I tan. I’m one of those people whose skin easily tans because I’ve got a lot of melanin in me.

However, there are other people who are not as lucky as I am.

And, I’m not talking about people who don’t tan easily.

That’s a luxury problem.

I’m talking about those who suffer from various chronic pain disorders in their joints, in their bodies that leave them more or less paralyzed.

You see, that’s how a lot of people with chronic pain feel when it’s getting hot outside.

I was previously of the belief that a little heat would make things a lot better for people with such disorders. However, it turned out that that was totally wrong. Especially if you were to consider the answer that I got from someone I know who suffer from such a disease.

She had fibromyalgia.

And what she told me was that the main problem was, her feet swelled up.

Not only was she embarrassed to show other people her feet because she found them so visually appalling, but of course, it hurt.

A lot.

In fact, she couldn’t even put on her shoes properly.

This actually reminded me of something that happened when I was out flying, not too long ago. As the plane landed, I wanted to put on my shoes. But, since we’d been in the air for so long, my feet had swollen up and looked like two enormous loaves. I hardly cut fit them into my shoes. Worse, walking in them was seriously painful.

This is how that woman spoke about how her feet had to cope with the hot climate.

And then she added;

‘But at least, I don’t have to wear slippers inside, because the floors aren’t cold. It’s worse in winter.’

So, there you have it.

If you suffer from any chronic pain disorder, particularly fibromyalgia, then I urge you to not book a flight and go somewhere wamt. It doesn’t necessarily help you. In fact, it can get worse. Much worse.

However, what may help you is what have helped a lot of other people relieving them from their pains.

You know what it is.

Good ole’ CBD oil.

And you know where to go get it.

Tell me, why are you still reading?