Neither knitting or tapping smartphones is possible

‘Nighttime is usually the worst.’

That’s what my ex-mother in law said (or whatever you call the mother of your ex) about her chronic pain issues. It’s a couple of years ago now, but I still remember how that poor woman in her early sixties couldn’t sit, couldn’t stand, couldn’t walk or couldn’t even lay down without being in excruciating pain. How she cried and cried throughout the evening and was just waiting for the time to be right so that she could go to bed. And how neither I, nor the other members of my ex-family in law could do anything but watch.

How she fares these days, I don’t know.

I just know that I wish the best for her. Because, even though she and I didn’t exactly get along well, I wouldn’t wish what she had to go through upon anyone.

She loved knitting.

But when she had her flares, she obviously couldn’t do that. All she could do was sit down and be patient. Wait. Wait for the pain to go over. Most of the time, the pain seemed to very intense for a couple of days, then it would gradually be subdued and lay dormant.

That’s when she would start knitting again.

I don’t know if she was able to use her phone and tap on the touch screen.

But I do know about someone who wasn’t.

This one girl who was about to start her first semester of college for pre-med at least had troubles doing so. When she was on her period she got these intense pain flares because she also had PCOS. Combined with the chronic pain that was always there in the background, it meant that she would have severe episodes of brutal pain that all but paralyzed her totally.

Even touching her smartphone and typing messages was a tough ask.

Anyway, why am I telling you this?

I am telling you this because no matter if you’re a mother in law with chronic pain issues, or an about to be college student with both chronic pain and PCOS, there is an option to cope with your pain issues.

And that option is to take care of your health properly.

Yes, I know that’s probably not the advice you wanted to hear. I’m assuming you wanted to hear some cuddling and mild words so that you’d feel better.

Well, guess what?

That’s not how life works.

In order to get your health straight, you need to get your work ethic straight. You have to will better health. You have to put in the work every single day.

By eating healthy.

By getting enough sun.

By changing your work environment.

And, by actually staying away from as many prescription written and over the counter drugs as possible. Yes, I honestly do believe your body benefits more from taking a holistic approach to fixing your health, rather than going after what the pharmaceutical industry wants you to get.

For the record, it’s worth noticing (and I’m probably obliged to telling you) that I’m *not* a medical professional and this is not medical advice. Consult with your doctor or another qualified medical professional if you’re in doubt.

However, lest you didn’t know it, doctors are humans, just like you and me.

Some of them really don’t care about fixing you up. They just want to cash their pay check and as long as they’re ‘following protocol’, they really couldn’t care less.

It’s a harsh, but true reality.

Think about that long and hard before you mock a more holistic health approach.

Think about the food you’re eating. The air you’re breathing. And the kind of mental pollution you’re inhaling.

And lastly…

…think about the fact that there is CBD oil out there that has helped so many people relieving themselves of their pain.

Like always, no guarantees are given.

Life doesn’t come with a guarantee.

Neither does CBD oil.

Still, so many people are using it and are reporting back tremendous results.

Why are you missing out?


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