Non-Stop Neck Nosferatu

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readApr 14, 2020


I remember back in the day when I had a part office job, part control job at a construction site.

For obvious reasons I won’t go into details, but part of my job was to drive around, check how the construction of different things were going, control their state and what was done (and more importantly what was *not* being done) and then report back to management.

I was sort of an ‘undercover spy’ in that regard.

To report to management I had to sit down at a desk and fill out all these forms. Because I had to log in to so many different programs and stuff, it took quite a while. Often I had to write the same thing three or four times.

The stupidity of corporations and the workforce in a nutshell.

So sitting down and typing all this stuff really took its toll on my body.

And one day, I’ll never forget it, I felt this neck pain that didn’t want to go away. From the upper back to where the neck meets the head, I had this slight discomfort. Not very painful, just uncomfortable. Almost as if someone had strapped 20 pounds of steel to my neck and it was sort of dragging me down.

Weird. Unpleasant.

And of course it made writing all these reports as well as participating in meetings and so on awful.

It got so bad I actually considered applying for another job with less reporting (and less pay).

And that kind of reminds me of this CBD testimonial I saw the other day.

In the patient’s own words:

‘This oil has changed my life! I suffered for 10 years of an unknown chronic pain in my upper neck and back that I’m almost sure was brought on by excessive amounts of stress. My muscles seemed to forget how to relax. I formed endless trigger points by the dozens. Exercise made it worse. Yoga helped manage pain, but the it always returned. Occasionally, I might get a weeks worth relief but the pain always returned. I have been taking the hemp oil now for 3 weeks. I started with a teaspoon twice each day and gradually built up to a tablespoon twice each day. After day 4, my pain was gone!’

Wonderful, isn’t it?

I can only imagine how it must have been to live 10 years with chronic pain in your upper neck.

Certainly a most awful life.

And all it takes is a couple of tablespoons each day.

So what’s your excuse for not using CBD oil if you have such neck pain issues?

Mine is it went away. But not before at least three or four weeks had passed. And during that time I went through a lot of suffering, a lot of pain and a lot of doubt. Doubt that I ever would return to my normal state. Doubt that I would ever again experience a pleasant and comfortable life.

I’m telling you right now, suffering from pain that simply doesn’t want to go away for an extended period of time does something to you.

It’s almost like you’re living another life.

In a parallel universe.

Like your personal Hell.

Only thing is, you wake up and it’s still not gone the day after.

If I’d heard about CBD oil at that time, I’d most certainly give it a try.

Anything to rid myself of those pains.

But at that time I hadn’t heard about CBD oil. If I had, I’d most definitely used it.

Just some food for thought.