Old dogs die hard

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readJul 19, 2020


One day when I was out walking one of our family dogs, something terrible happened.

A little context: the dog was about 10–11 years of age. For its breed, a samoyed dog, she was getting up in age. A lot of other dogs either died or had to be put to sleep when they were that age. So for her to still be walking around was quite impressive.

Of course, she wasn’t as fast a walker as she used to be.

Nor could she run fast. Or pull a sledge. I don’t know how familiar you may be with dog breeds, but samoyed dogs are capable of pulling quite heavy loads when they’re young.

Her joints were stiff.

You could see that she wasn’t by any means ‘young’ anymore.

But, she persevered.

Sans these harmless signs, she’d showed no signs of aging or disease.

Until one day.

I remember it so well.

I was out walking her in the forest on my regular walk. Like any other dog did, she stopped to mark her terrain here and there. Sniffed on things and was on the look for something to run after.

Then all of a sudden she stopped.

Like she was completely frozen.

She didn’t make a sound.

Just stood there and gazed empty out in the air.

Before her knees buckled under her and she fell to the ground. Almost like the energy went out of her. Like when you’re letting the air out a balloon. Or switching off the light. Incredibly difficult to see and observe.

Naturally I was horrified. It was so difficult to see.

And I couldn’t do anything.

Anyway, she lay down, motionless for half a second or so, before getting her wits about her again and rising up.

Then proceeded to walk on as nothing had happened.

But, I knew that this had to be the beginning of the end of her life. And sure enough, a couple of years later, we had to put her to sleep. She got some sort of cancer and was clearly not doing well. Horrible, horrible times. Anyone who’s had a dog they really love know how tough this can be.

A lot of people who suffer from chronic pain disorders all of a sudden can collapse and fall down like my family dog did.

Fortunately, they don’t die from this disorder. At least that’s not normal.

But it’s quite frustrating not being able to stand one one’s leg.

One day it’s the right leg.

The other day it’s the left leg.

And this is how it continues. Day in and day out. Without any end to it.

The pain is just unbearable.

But, you know what else is unbearable?

Knowing about something that potentially alleviate and remove the pain completely and even make your life worth living again, where you feel that your whole body has been reborn.

That ‘something’ is called CBD oil.

And if you have a chronic pain disorder and are in dire need of a painkiller that doesn’t require your doctor’s blessing or recommendation, well then I recommend you start with CBD oil right away.

After all, this life may be all you have.