Old skool wisdom from ‘06

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readMar 30


I love myself some intangibles, so here we go:

One of the biggest EV’s [Energy Vampires] for the unwise [half joking] out there is the good ole’ procrastination.

I once met a guy at a seminar in Nashville I was attending. It was a long time ago. I really liked the guy. He was old skool, polite, funny, witty and we got along great. I asked him about his business and what he did for getting money in.

‘I run a business where I’ll teach people to beat procrastination’, and then went on to talk a little more about what he did.

I’m not saying I started to dislike the guy, only his methods of teaching. Because in my mind, the whole schtick about stopping yourself from, and beating, procrastination is a futile one. W


Well, I’ll get into that right away.

Y’see, when you’re procrastinating or choosing to delay a chore or some work in lieu for something else, you’re really just swapping one action for the other. It’s not like you’re sitting still and aren’t doing anything, right? You’re not staring pointlessly into the wall and counting the number of times you get a hardon? You actually occupy yourself with something that’s amusing or entertaining, like for instance scrolling on social media only to get entangled in some rabbit hole about climate change and ‘How Dare You’ or looking at a pair of nice tits you ain’t getting.

In other words, you take *THE BORING ACTION* and swap it for *A FUN ACTION*.

And this is where these procrastinator gurus get everything wrong in my opinion.

Now, I didn’t ask Mr. Beat Procrastination about the following, so I can’t say he didn’t do it. But the way he spake about his businesses and his clients suggested he didn’t do it.

So, what am I getting at here?

Well, plain and simply considering the activity you fancy doing [scrolling, watching videos, driving your car] as PART of your chore, only you can’t do it until you’re doing whatever you had to do first.

You are, essentially, looking to increase efficiency and productivity.

By doing more chores, faster, so you can indulge in more activities you like doing. That will make you work faster, because it means there is more time of the day to what you really enjoy doing. It’s a brilliant way of thinking, and I have to thank a professor of pedagogy at some old university college I attended way back in ´06 for this brilliant way of reframing schoolwork. Essentially the guy preached the same message, only his way of saying it was a little differently; ‘I need to read these 20 pages of history and then I can have a chocolate.’

Mind you, this was way back in the day before social media was a thing. I think I barely had started to hear about Facebook. MySpace was also a thing.

Funny to think how procrastination was still a thing then back in the stone age, only now it has increased in magnitude.

But the principle remains the same.

Swap procrastination for productivity and focus more on what you CAN and MUST do, instead of focusing on what you must avoid.

It is that simple and that easy.

Y’know something else that is simple and easy?

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But, I’m kind, so I’ll give it to you for nuthin’.

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