On the topic of migraine…

I remember back in the day when I had to attend a military exercise.

It was a cold November’s day and we were due to go to the shooting range. For those who don’t know, I live in a place where it gets quite cold during winter and late fall, so November is always the kind of month where most people are sad, feel depressed and somewhat lonely. It’s dark outside, oftentimes it’s raining and it’s quite windy, too. The weather in short is inhumane. Of course, that affects the mood of those who have to deal with it.

So, it came as no surprise that none of us wanted to go to the shooting range.

In fact, most of us were looking for excuses. ‘My back hurts’, ‘I’m feeling a little dizzy’, ‘Oh, I’ve got so much pain in the ankle’ was another typical one.

Of course, the officers saw right through us. That is, them. Because I didn’t participate in those excuses. I knew I was in perfectly fine shape. I just didn’t want to go. And I also figured out, the sooner we can get there, the sooner we’ll get this thing over with.

So, I didn’t give them any resistance.

But, there was one soldier who did. A female soldier. She said she had migraines. In fact, I remember the episode so well as I’m typing these words. We were packing our bags inside of our rooms and of course we were moaning and complaining about the horrible day that we had to endure. The girl came into our room and politely asked if we could help her put on some straps on her backpack, because she didn’t know how to do it. So, I went in and helped her.

Literally a few seconds after I’d entered her room, she started talking about how the area above her neck had started to hurt. How intense the pain was, and just how much it affected her. She couldn’t go to the shooting range that day.

In fact, just a few moments later she asked me to go, because she needed to lay down.

And I told a sergeant about her troubles.

Then I moved on with my day.

However, that very same afternoon when we came back, I expected her to still be around, of course. Hopefully she was doing much better. I wanted her to be much better. Because, she was one of the few fellow soldiers that I could complain and moan about this whole military thing with. I needed her around me to keep me company.

Turns out, she wasn’t there.

She’d gone home. She couldn’t participate in the exercise because of her migraine troubles. And it was just then I realized, how crippling and terrifying migraine has to be. In fact, I remembered once I heard about her departure, that my uncle often got migraines as well. And his response was just to walk into his living room and lay down. Pitch black, no noises in the house allowed. It could last for hours.

Not an enjoyable life, by any means.

Later, a girl I was seeing went through the same thing. It hardly took anything in order to trigger the migraine flares. And I remember walking around, desperate to help, but being unable to.

The only thing that seemed to be able to do the trick was for her to go get some sleep.

At least then she could endure the rest of the day.

Anyway, back then I hadn’t heard about how CBD oil possibly could relieve and in some cases even remove head pains, such as migraines. I didn’t know it was a thing where people completely got their lives changed around, all because of taking a few spoonfulls a day of that stuff.

You know where I’m going with this, right?

Of course you do.

If you have migraines and you want to try something new without paying loads of money for prescriptions, going to the drug store, and spending money on other medication to deal with the side effects that you may get from conventional drugs, then why not try CBD oil?

After all, you only have one life.

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