One of the more complex disorders that a lot of people have are kidney problems.

I’m not talking about regular kidney stones, by the way. Not that they’re problematic and can cause all kinds of pain and misery. Of course they do. And they should be taken seriously as well. But in many cases, all you need is a single surgery to your kidneys and you’ll be fine. There is of course the odd person here and there who suffers multiple injuries and side effects from their kidney stone problems, but overall, I’d classify kidney stones as a ‘manageable disorder’, if I may.

However, there are other disorders as well.

One of the more annoying and worrisome was something that I heard a woman was having.

Basically, her bladder stored five times the urine compared to a normal person.

Which meant that it in essence got overloaded.

So the urine had to retract somewhere. And that was into her kidneys. Which caused infection in her kidneys.

Just imagine being able to store five times the amounts of urine and not feeling the urge to pee. I don’t know about you, but when I need to hold it in, there comes a time when I literally cannot hold it in anymore and when I finally get to take a leak, it feels like a rainstorm down there.

Nevertheless, I assume it hurt to pee, once this woman finally had to let it out.

And of course, she was suffering from tremendous pain in her kidneys.

She had to go through all kinds of surgeries and medications to deal with her problem.

I don’t know the end result, what happened to her.

Hopefully, she’s alright at the moment. I think that she had a family as well, which meant that she had other commitments outside of her own health.

There isn’t so much one can do about these kinds of infections. I’m certainly no doctor or medical professional, so don’t consider this medical advice. Rather consider it common sense and someone who’s overseen many a patient’s good advice.

You should absolutely look into your diet if you suffer from any of these disorders.

If you are obese, you will benefit from losing fat. Not saying that it will remove the disorder, but you may find that as time goes by, your body will heal itself.

It has certainly helped for many others.

However, your best solution is of course to seek help from your doctor.

As for the pain?

Well, assuming your doctor can pull it off and get you a proper surgery scheduled, maybe that will reduce and even remove the pain. Assuming the surgery is successful.

If not, then you may find that CBD oil may help you relieve you from your pain.

It will certainly *not* help you reduce the kidney issues, nor the inflammation within it. At least not to my knowledge.

If that happened, it would have been the next big discovery within medicine.

But, I do strongly believe you’d get help dealing with your pain.

Only one way to find out.

Get yourself some CBD oil today and see if it doesn’t help.



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