One of the most difficult to have conversations is about having children.

Or that is, to have or not to have. Because, there are a lot of people who are involuntarily childless. They so desperately want a kid, but they just can’t make it happen for whatever reason. Could be their health. Their sperm quality is low. Maybe the girl has PCOS. Maybe there’s something wrong with the guy’s penis. Who knows?

What I know, as do everyone who are involved in this, is that this is a very sensitive object.

Especially concerning the child’s safety.

You know, there are many parents who are on certain medications.

Painkillers and so on.

The problem is, these people really need their medication. They just cannot go without it. It’s like their bodies stop functioning if they can’t get their daily fix. They don’t operate flawlessly. In short, they’re addicted to medication. If they don’t get what they need, they cannot take care of themselves, much less an innocent child.

I think we can all agree that bringing forth a child, voluntarily, to this world, when you don’t have your health in order, is problematic, to say the least.

This heartbreaking reality was something a woman realized the other day.

She and her husband so desperately wanted to have kids. However, the husband needed to have surgery on his scrotum. Which meant that he could risk getting infertile and thus couldn’t make his wife pregnant. Not only that, though. If the wife was to be pregnant, she would need to quit taking all 7 of her medications. So really, she would have to let her health deteriorate because she so desperately craved a child.

Not the ideal situation, in any way.

And to be honest, I don’t have a solution for that problem. They’ll have to come up with what they beleive is the best option themselves.

However, I do have a suggestion.

About drugs. And medications. And being addicted and all of that.

And that is a remedy that doesn’t make you addicted, doesn’t require any prescription or asking for your doctor’s mercy.

All you need is to go online and order it today.

It’s called CBD oil.



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