‘Only Rosie O’Donnell’

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readSep 2


‘Your Twitter account…’

[Megyn Kelly then manages a begrudging half smile on her face as the audience is still loudly cheering].

‘For the record…it was well beyond Rosie O’Donnell’.

And then Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly get into it and start arguing again.

If you do not know what I’m talking about, you have literally missed out on one of the greatest and best examples of Energy Redirecting which I’ll be talking a lot more about in the future. For now, I’ll just define it quickly; take the energy away from one person and fill the whole room and/or yourself with it. Just like Trump did in that instance.

I’ll just quickly interject before I go on: This is an excerpt from I think the first Republican debate before the 2016 US Presidential Election. Donald Trump literally stole the show using never-before-seen antics and silly jokes, which…worked well.

At the very least it got him elected.

As for the 2020 Presidential Election, well…there’s all sorts of court cases and things going on now, and in one year it’s the 2024 US Presidential Election, so, let’s stay tuned.


Some of Trump’s other gems was ‘That’s right, because you’d be in jail’ when confronting his political adversary Hilary Clinton about some possible leaked and classified emails supposedly stored on her private server.

I do not know the specifics, I just remember Hilary was ranting and saying how good it was to have a lot of fact checkers and how nice it was that Trump was not in charge of the law of their country or something, whereas Trump then responded with his infamous line.

Anyway, you can search for clips of these instances on YouTube, and try not to laugh too loud. It’s utterly hilarious to watch and brings about a fresh breeze of change to anything political.

Perhaps that’s why Trump ultimately won in 2016?

Anyway, both instances bring with them a change and shift of Energy. Trump always knows how to steal the energy in the room. I remember a clip from one of the court cases he was in. I think it was the civil court case involving hush money to some porn star he banged. Allegedly he was being sued by *another woman* who claimed that he sexually assaulted her sometime during the 90’s. Of course Trump denied this on the stand. As he was confronted with the charges he said something like the following to the female, non-attractive lawyer; ‘Oh, she wasn’t my first choice. You probably wouldn’t have been my first choice either.’, with a slight smirk on his face.

Literally the recipe of how to steal the Energy when in a pressed situation.

Using humor in a suitable moment.

At the very least I think it’s suitable.

AnyhowZ, so…Trump is definitely an Electrifying Persona [EP]. If you want to learn how to become an EP yourself, you could always explore my FREE ebook which goes into a whole array of how to create and build Energy from nothing.

I promise you, Donald Trump uses a lot of these principles and strategies, pretty much on autopilot.

Now whether you want to *become* like Trump I don’t know.

But surely having, and being able to use, his ability to steal the show in the Room is something you really should be striving for.

And you can do that by simply going to my bio, clicking on the link and following instructions accordingly.

Do that and I will see you on the other side.