Pain relief advice nobody wants to hear

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readSep 20, 2020


Another day, another rant, another advice.

Imagine if you were 39 years, but felt like you were 75 years old because of your fibromyalgia. Your constant pain draining you of energy. The strenuous efforts you have to go through every day, that most people take for granted. Even getting dressed, bending over and tying your shoe laces, not to mention using the restroom are chores so hard and tough, you need to mentally prepare for them and endure the pain it takes. It’s like working out on the days where your body is sore, only to find out that the workout actually makes your body ache even more than before the workout started.

Now, let’s say that you *really* wanted to change things in your life.

What could you do?

You could of course sit down on the couch with Cheetos and some braindead entertainment from Netflix to try and pass time. Then pop pills like a drug addict and pretend that you actually were putting in the work to improve your health, while later feasting on junk food, sweets and sugary soft drinks.

Both of us know that it quite likely would have made things even worse.

Aside from the rush of refined carbohydrates that would likely have caused a serious flare up in your fibro, giving you more pain, the intake of sugar combined with a sedentary lifestyle would have turned all the energy into fat. Over time, you would have become fatter and fatter. That would increase the risk of getting high blood pressure, clogged arteries, various cardiovascular diseases and inflammations around your organs, which would have amplified your flare ups.

In other words, it would have been part of your own death, carried out by you yourself.

Now for the alternative, that very few people want to know about. In fact, I can already hear the majority of readers sigh, roll their eyes and pretend they didn’t see the following. Desperately trying to come up with an excuse for not doing it.

But the reality is, this is what has helped so many people changing their lives, losing fat and also maintaining their fibromyalgia and pain.

Even though it’s a slow, tiresome and boring process. Often with delayed results.

And the majority of people don’t want to do it.

Now, what is this almost ‘magical’ way of curing one’s own life?

Why, nothing more than so-called ‘natural methods’. Going back to what has always worked, is currently working and will, for the unforeseeable future, always work. Unless our bodies change in such a drastic fashion that we become a different species. I am talking about simply eating healthy and working out. Ditching the sweets and soft drinks for healthy foods and water. Instead of feasting on chocolate, feast on nuts. Bananas. Carrots. Whatever else. Eat more broccoli, lean beef and oats. Brown rice. Quinoa. Low-carb. Keto. Paleo.

And start walking. Or running. Or even better, my personal favorite, strength training. Look to replace your fat with muscles.

As you do that, over time, and you *consume more calories than you take in*, you will start getting in better shape. Your blood pressure will decrease. Your inflammation issues will quite likely decrease as well. That layer of fat around your body and vital inner organs will shrink.

You will over all get better health.

And quite likely, your pains will, if not completely vanish, at least be reduced.

At least, that’s what a lot of people who have done this claim.

In essence, you’re just giving your body a different kind of fuel, one that is healthy.

And over time, watch how your body, as the miraculous machine it is, will completely and utterly change itself into become an upgraded version of what it used to be. A healthier, leaner and better you.

However, there’s also a secret sauce to this whole thing. Sort of a ‘booster’ that accelerates the pain relief part. At least, that’s what an overwhelming majority of those who have tried it, claim.

But before you jump through the roof, realize we’re all in literally different bodies.

What works for them, might not work for you.

However, their results have been so outstanding, and a lot of them were skeptics to this remedy before trying it.

But after having changed their diet and lifestyle, they’re now living a totally different life.

The wonder comes from Mother Nature herself, doesn’t require a prescription from a doctor, nor does it give you any known side effects.

It’s name?

CBD oil.

And that’s all for today.