Perhaps the saddest question ever?

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readAug 21, 2020


Lo and behold what I came over the other day.

A question that was more sad than it first appeared to be.

In simple words, unfiltered, here is the question:

‘Has anyone had a doctor that has truly helped them?’

You may scoff and you may laugh at it. Maybe you’re on the lucky few that actually has a doctor that helps you with your chronic pain disorder. However, based on the question, obviously, and the answers in the comments section on that particular social medium, it would appear that a lot of people felt the same way.

That is, they felt that their doctor did not help them.

One poor soul detailed how they’d spent time (and egregious amounts of money) on four different doctors. Only to be given various anxiety meds that never worked and to feel like they weren’t being taken seriously.

Obviously, you have a responsibility to tell your doctor what is wrong with you.

Everybody understands that.

What everybody also understands is that doctors are also humans and theoretically, can be wrong. But, the bar for ‘being wrong’ when it comes to other people’s health should be so high that it would have been almost impossible to jump over it.

Not only that, but when a doctor isn’t sure about something, they should always seek another opinion.

It’s like a car mechanic. Only that the car mechanic, if he’s wrong and misdiagnoses your car and thus fixes a problem that doesn’t exist (while actually making the problem that does exist much worse), at least it’s only your car that gets affected.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s say that you for some reason couldn’t get hurt from driving in traffic.

Not that that is a logical case, but the point still remains.

A car mechanic that (literally) screws up at least only manages to harm your car.

A doctor that screws up manages to actually harm your health.

And four doctors who, independently of each other, screw up, harm your health four fold.

What I’m getting at is that if you keep seeing your doctor, but your health isn’t improving or actually is worsening, then it may be time to consider alternatives. Please do not consider this medical advice, as I’m absolutely not a doctor.

I’m just someone who sees, observes, and listens.

And I don’t like many of the things that I’m hearing.

There is a general skepticism towards doctors, since there are so many people with chronic pain disorders who feel like they’re not being taken seriously or are being considered patients after all.

Yes, some doctors actually believe fibromyalgia is an imaginary disease.

Heartless and cruel people, right?

My absolute and utter non-medical advice would be to run as fast as you can away from such people like that.

And rather try out something that doesn’t require you speaking with a doctor.

Nor does it require a prescription, and the price usually isn’t too bad.

It’s called CBD oil and it can potentially change your life completely.

So, if your doctor isn’t helping you much, may be time to ditch him and her and start taking some CBD?

Just a thought.