Political folly

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readSep 13, 2021


As I’m writing this, it’s the dawn of a new day.

Or actually, dawn has already passed. It’s early in the forenoon. However, it’s an important day. Not to me, this day is like any other day. But to a lot of politicians and staff members involved in political affairs, this day marks a change in their career.

Some for the better.

Some for the worse.

What I’m getting at, is that there is the parliamentary elections today. We’re supposed to elect a new Government. Or re-elect the one that’s in office. Judging by all the surveys that have been released lately, it would appear we’re headed for a new government.

Since I’m a political right-winger, it means “my team” will lose.

Looks like they didn’t do a well enough job and that the leftists will constitute the upcoming new Government. Which means four years of higher prices, higher taxes, commonalities and outright folly.

The latest of which is in the hair dresser industry.

Now all of a sudden, hair dressers cannot distinguish between a lady’s and a gentleman’s haircut anymore. Labelling certain cuts and hairdos after sexes is discrimination and inflammatory.

Keep in mind, this has been under the right wing governance.

I suspect it’s going to get even worse during the leftist reign.

Either way, I really don’t care too much. There aren’t going to be any major changes imposed on us. Taxes and prices will continue to soar while salaries will either remain in place or be reduced. The fiscal year of 2022 has already been decided and quite likely will remain the same.

Reason being, the new Government has the smallest possible majority to even call themselves winners.

Or that is, they *will* have the smallest, possible majority.

Gaaaaah, I’m getting tired of discussing politics, really. They’re all stupid people. Some of which will never be successful .

But you will, if you do the right things.

I teach you how to in my consults.

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