Read this if you aren’t nuts

I know about a lot of nutty jokes.

But this ain’t one of them.

In fact, ain’t nothing funny about what happened at all. It could have meant my, and several other people’s instant death in a bad traffic accident. Just because of someone who forgot to do their work properly. We’re talking about a part, or several parts, of a car that are so small you’d think they didn’t matter at all. However, they serve such an important role that if they’re not handled correctly, it could mean that several lives get lost.

I’m talking about nothing else than the wheel nuts on a car.

You know those tiny little things that keep a wheel in place.

If the nuts aren’t properly tightened, it means that the wheel is loose and could potentially fall off the car.

And that ain’t no good. You don’t need to be a car mechanic or a traffic expert to understand that it’s dangerous to drive around in traffic with one or more loose tires on your car.

The horrible part is, this happened to someone I know recently.

This person was staying with some friends of his. Or it may have been some relatives. I don’t know exactly. What I do know is, he used their car to go somewhere. In the car, he had three passengers. His mother, his daughter and his sister’s daughter. His niece was only a couple of months young. In other words a toddler. His daughter was 4 or so years old. Obviously his mother was close to retirement age.

However, it was a most precious cargo, indeed.

And, he was driving a car where one of the wheels wasn’t properly tightened.

Or that is, the nuts.

So, he was in essence, taking an extremely big risk. Of course without knowing it. I mean, if you lend someone your car, they take it for granted that your wheels are in place. So, you can’t expect them to double check that very thing.

Fortunately, things went fine this time around.

Everybody survived and got back in one piece.

In fact, nobody even noticed the loose wheel.

It wasn’t until the day after, when his mother took the car for a drive, she heard a loud noise from outside. She stopped, and didn’t notice anything. And so she continued driving. But the noise wouldn’t stop. In fact, it only got worse.

Fortunately, someone she knew met her as she stopped for the second time and took a look at the car. And, he quickly noticed that the nuts were loose, as was the wheel. And, fixed it.

This story doesn’t have anything to do with chronic pain or health supplements, but it highlights the importance of always double checking and taking care of what’s important to you. Such as your car. The fuel. The engine. The tyres. And of course, the wheel bolts.

A lot of people fail to do the same thing with their health.

Just there are many lazy car owners who don’t take their car for service when it’s due or bother changing the oil in their engine, a lot of people don’t take of their bodies. They eat unhealthy, drink a lot of sweetened and alcoholic beverages and don’t exercise.

As the years go by, a car that isn’t properly maintained will rust and end up as a wreck.

In many ways, a human body that’s poorly maintained will do the same. It will wither and rot. The human body owner, you, may start experiencing pains and aches that all of a sudden occur out of thin air.

Eventually, the car that isn’t taken care of, will end up on the scrap heap.

And a body that isn’t taken care of…well, I don’t know about human scrap heaps, but I do know about graveyards and coffins.

If that worries you, be glad you’ve read this far.

Your step to better health starts with CBD oil.




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