Ridiculous Tinder profile with a stark reminder

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readMay 28, 2020


I happen to follow someone on a social medium that makes fun Tinder profiles or Tinder messages.

If you don’t know what Tinder is, then you really haven’t missed much. It’s a dating app where guys look for girls and the other way around. Some of those who are on Tinder clearly just are there to waste their time or to make fun of others. Some are just inept. Whatever the case is, I can from personal experience recommend that you *don’t* use Tinder to find the love of your life. However, you’ll find plenty of damaged goods and weirdos.


The latest in ‘mocking someone with a dumb profile’ came today when I saw the new update on the page.

Someone who 1) had kids, 2) was religious, 3) sold a CBD oil brand, 4) was not interested in one night stands or sex, 5) did not believe in vaccines, 6) didn’t believe that the Earth was a sphere and 7) (in their own words); ‘IMPRESS ME OR I WON’T BE INTERESTED!’

Personally, I believe in the effect of vaccines, especially for child diseases. I think it’s important to vaccinate the young against all the nasty stuff that’s out there. What I don’t beleive in, is vaccinating yourself against Covid-19, since such a vaccine, when available, hasn’t been tried and tested enough. Yes, it’s probably important to vaccinate people, but let’s be real here. We need more time to test out the vaccine first.

By the way, those are my thoughts. I won’t entertain this whole argument pro and con a Covid-19 vaccine.

Believing that the Earth is flat (or not a sphere) is just asinine. I may have pissed off some of you reading this, but it is what it is. It has been proven time over, again and again that the Earth is a sphere because of how all the different physical phenomena play out. No, I don’t have the ‘evidence’ to support it right here. Just google it and I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

The rest of the profile isn’t worth commenting on. I just though it’d be fun to include it.

If nothing but for the laughs.

But the profile illustrates an important point.

And that is mocking those who don’t believe in everything science has to offer. Or rather, those who actually think that there may be other, alternative ways of doing things, rather than what science *currently* tells us is right.

Which I am personally.

Now, making outlandish claims that the Earth isn’t a sphere or that 2+2 = 5, isn’t going to take you anywhere. That has been tried and tested over and over again. Similarly, ‘not believing in vaccines’ is at best foolish, since there is a clear link between the decline in dangerous diseases, and the introduction of vaccines. Yes, the vaccine industry may have its shady parts. But questioning whether the polio and measles vaccines work is just daft.

However, both selling and suggesting that CBD oil may work against pain is *not* stupid.

Time and time again have we all seen how people have had their lives changed. It’s like they’ve become reborn again. A new chapter in their life has been started, and they’re able to put down all kinds of devices, utensils and tools that they previously needed to help them make it through the day. Some even couldn’t walk around for more than 45 seconds (that’s seconds, not minutes) before they had to sit down or take a pause.

Others needed to go on a pill regimen that at best resembled that of a drug addict. We’re talking about having to consume and digest tens of different pills every single day. Even taking other pills to be able to cope with the side effects of certain of the so-called ‘healing pills.’

That’s the pharmaceutical industry in a nutshell. Wanting you to buy and consume their stuff so that you barely make it through the day, by just barely keeping your pain in check.

Instead of removing it altogether.

The science guys don’t like the idea of that. They’d much rather that you use a prescribed drug, instead of progressing and advancing in the scientific studies.

So if you’re reading this, you’re in pain and the ordinary drugs don’t seem to work, do yourself a favor and try CBD oil.

I can’t force you into doing anything, though. Only you decide what to do and what not to do.

But the pain won’t go away until you do something about it.