Some basics of Energy

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readAug 31


Nothin’ new under the sun ‘ere…

But it’s funny and interesting at the same time how creating and retaining one’s Energy always comes back to the same kind of stuff that you see in various articles and news sources all over the world. Literally everywhere across the Internet. And yet you see these fatties carrying cans of Red Bull and other Energy drinks which are loaded with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients yelling out loud how they need more ‘Energy’ and how their brains and bodies aren’t working if they ain’t getting their daily sugar rushes.

Aside from a couple of exceptions and probably anomalies, most people I see drinking these Energy Drinks are fat people who are miserable.

Now, it is probably worth mentioning that I pretty much drink my own ‘Energy Drinks’ in the morning as well.

Namely black coffee.

And water.

The thing is, I can do fine without one or the other. In fact, there have been numerous days where I haven’t had the time to pour myself a cup of coffee because I’ve been in such a rush. Same goes for water. And, I do not ‘need’ coffee to wake up or anything. I just like the taste of it. Coffee also makes me ‘feel’ better, but I can do just fine without it. I’ve done it multiple times.

You wanna know what the real basics I practice religiously, just like these fatties who drink zero sugar energy drinks, stuff themselves full of pizza and pasta yet claim they’re healthy do?


Proper sleep.

In fact, yesterday I’d been training hard, been working all day long, running from thing to thing. And when I finally had a chance to sit down before a late flight, I almost fell asleep.

I battled hard to remain awake during the flight as well, otherwise I wouldn’t have fallen asleep at all when I got back home.

Then when I first woke up in the morning, my first thought was ‘no’.

‘Not enough sleep. I need more. I do have the time. So I’ll lay in bed for a couple more hours.’

And guess what?

I felt *amazing* when waking up today. Those extra couple of hours really helped. So much so I didn’t need any black coffee to wake up. It’s simply just because I like the taste. Plus it curbs those hunger cravings I sometimes get.

Anyway, by now I think you’ve understood the point.

Never hurts to revisit the basics.

This is what an Electrifying Persona does all the time.

And, if you’re interested in learning more about how to become an EP yourself, there is always the option to educate yourself a little further.

You see, I actually wrote a whole book on how to become an EP and how it pertains to your life, how you can use Energy to level up yourself and achieve all the things you want in life.

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And I will see you on the other side.