“Stop faking your sickness”

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readJun 13, 2020


True story from the abyss of people who pretend that they’re your friend;

I once saw a couple of swollen hands that looked like the owner had used them to punch on a brick wall with.

Yes, it was that bad.

If you’ve watched a lot of boxing fights you know what I mean. A lot of times, boxers burst their hands. They may break a bone or get some kind of injury that causes their hands to swell up.

It’s sort of like if you’re being bitten by an insect, a snake or any other animal that with venom.

Your hand just swells up.

It hurts.

And you can’t use it for much. In fact, right there and then, the hand is pretty much useless.

Such was also the case with this woman’s hand. She suffered from a chronic pain disease that I don’t recall the name of it. It’s not very important either, since I’m not a doctor and I cannot give out medical advice. I can only give you my opinion.

So, like I said, her hand was all swollen up.

And her problem was, she lived alone. She didn’t have anyone to ask for help. Nobody could help her get out of bed. Put on her clothes. Even wipe her butt when she had to go for a number two in the can.

Imagine it yourself.

Horrible, right?

So, the woman chose to ask her friends for help.

Their response?

See the headline. “Stop faking your sickness”, or “Don’t be lazy”.

And then, perhaps the worst one:

“Got caught up, I’m sorry”.


You say you were caught up the one time I’m asking for help, but every single other time when I send a funny meme or don’t ask for anything, you immediately respond?

Just how dumb do you think I am?


This just goes to show you two things.

Number one: Always prioritize your health. You may not be able to do something about the swelling of the hands there and then, but you are able to prevent it from happening, as long as your genes don’t punish you.

Number two: Choose your “friends” with carefulness. Not everyone will be there for you even if they say they will.

And, I’ll sneak in a third thing: Try CBD oil to relieve the pain you get when you get these swollen hands. Go to my website for more information.