Stop jerking around and eliminate distractions

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readMay 3, 2021


This time I’m attacking the problem directly. Read and be informed.


Most people today are challenged by distractions when they’re about to do something.

I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.

Smartphones, tablets, computers and all the things you ‘have’ to check while on those devices. Social media. Email. Updates. Likes, comments, upvotes. This and that. You just have to pay attention.

In many ways, social media owns you. They dictate your everyday life.

Anyway, this isn’t an anti-social media email, although I’d love to write one on the subject.

It’s more like an anti-distraction email.

About telling you what you need to be doing when you’re about to do something important.

Let’s consider the smartphone first. It’s sort of the main delinquent when it comes to distracting people.

A lot of people say you should turn your phone on flight mode so that you won’t be disturbed when you’re working.

Well, what if there’s an emergency or someone really needs to get a hold of you immediately? How convenient is flight mode then?

The same goes for putting away your phone in another room.

It all makes it much tougher.

Anyway, I believe that kind of advice is folly. It takes you nowhere. What you really should be doing is turning off push notifications and allow your brain to rewire itself into concentration mode.

And one way to do that is simply by taking a nootropic supplement.

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And that’s that. No fluff, no glossed over words, no nothing. Right to the point.

Use what works. And if you have a nootropic supplement that you want to sell and a responsive list and you could use an email copywriter, reach out to me here: