The constant uphill battle

Earlier today I did something that I haven’t done for quite a while.

And, the pain (no pun intended) and all the hassle that followed with it, reminded me just why I haven’t done so for a long time, and why I won’t be doing that again for the unforeseeable future, unless something drastic happens. And that was actually downloading a piece of software to my computer, where I had to log in using a password and a username that I was given.

Of course, things didn’t go my way (they never do).

The login credentials I was given didn’t work.

Even though I double checked them and carefully typed them in, it said in the software that it was the wrong password and/or username (how many times haven’t you heard that before?)

Then, after the third attempt, the software was blocked (nice one, right?)

I then was being told, in the software, that a text and an email had been sent to me with instructions on how to reset the password and the username so that I could log into the software again. Of course, such a text or email didn’t come. Usually, such stuff is supposed to arrive right away. But after half an hour or so, nothing had come.

Then I had to send an email to the support address and ask them for help.

And since I’ve sent that email to the support desk, I haven’t heard anything.

I guess they probably think I’m annoying for managing to getting blocked from their software the very first time I’m using it.


It really doesn’t matter.

This way of constantly having to overcome hurdles — or so it seems, at least mentally, to me, reminds me of the tens of thousands of hurdles that so many people with fibromyalgia have to overcome every day. Just getting out of bed can be a nightmare in itself. Actually, just raising up and sitting in bed by the support of your own body is something that not everyone can do. In fact, one woman told me about how awful it was when she had to get up in the morning and the floor was all cold and she’d forgotten to put her warm slippers next to the bed. Now, she had to walk on that ice cold floor and look for the slippers. It felt like dragging two heavy lead plates with her that were extremely sensitive. One faux pas and it would hurt, massively.

Not to mention all the medication she was going on.

I think she had to swallow some 20 or so pills — every day.

Not to remove the pain in her body, but to manage to overcome it.

To make it somewhat liveable.

Now, I’m not going to say that CBD oil totally will revolutionize the pain in your body — because everyone’s different and your mileage may vary.

But then again, I’ve yet to hear anybody say that CBD oil ‘didn’t work.’

Anyway, do with that information as you will.

Your life — your suffering — your choice.



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