The date that didn’t materialize

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readAug 23, 2020


This one is probably common for a lot of people.

Even though I haven’t had it happen to me personally. But I do know of quite a few who have. And, it is perhaps the lowest class of human behavior there is. It’s perfectly fine to not be happy doing what you’re supposed to do. But it’s not fine to choose to all of a sudden ignore someone.

I’m talking about ghosting.

About never showing up for a first fate.

I’ll get back to that later, but first I’d like to tell you all about what I like to call ‘analogue ghosting.’ Meaning that I would arrange for to meet with some of my fellow students from school, which I thought to be my friends. Turned out they were anything but my friends after all. Especially because they’d never show up for the thing or the event that we were planning. Without even giving a sign of why.

This was way back in the day before social media and cell phones.

When you had to ask an adult to borrow the house phone to call your friend and it would be their parents that answered the phone for you.

So on and so forth.

Of course, that made me feel dreadful.

I was being bullied, being frozen out. I had a horrible time during my childhood years.

However, at least I didn’t suffer from chronic pain. Other than mental pain, also known as depression. But I didn’t have physical pain in my back, shoulders or neck. Such as this woman that I was reading about the other day.

She’d arranged to meet someone for their first date.

He never showed up.

Didn’t text her.

Didn’t answer her texts.

Just completely vanished from the face of the earth. Leaving her all by herself. In pain. Both mentally and physically.

Because, not only was it sad and depressing that they didn’t show up for the date.

This woman had completely gone out of her way to make herself look pretty. Shaved her legs. Done her hair. All the little things that women do to keep up their appearances. To suffer for their beauty.

Lest you think shaving her legs was all about taking a razor and remove the hairs from her legs, think again.

That’s the easy part.

The end result. The desired goal.

The real, horrible, strenuous work part of it is all the intense pain that comes with bending over, turning and twisting one’s body in a fixed position, feeling just how the burning, stinging, intense pain feels like it’s tearing your body apart.

Like your tendons are being slowly ripped apart using a chainsaw.

Or the blood is cooking in the vessels.

Enough to make you go dizzy, see stars and quite possibly, faint.

That’s how it feels suffering from a chronic pain disorder and still having to go through the tests, trials and tribulations to act and behave a like an ordinary, pain-free human being.

The following remedy won’t prevent first dates from flaking on you and ghosting you.

You’ll have to figure out something for that on your own.

But it may help you greatly reduce and quite possibly even totally remove all the chronic pain you’re dealing with.

So it at least won’t hurt as much, physically, the next time you’re about to shave your legs for your first date.

It’s called CBD oil and the only downside I personally know about it, is that the taste isn’t all that good.

And that’s a hoop I think you’ll get over just fine.

Go and try for yourself.