The embarrassing walk back home

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readAug 30, 2021


One of the most embarrassing days of my life was way back when I didn’t have any money.

I lived in a place I really didn’t like. Not that I did mind the people there or the landscape and whatever, that was all nice and dandy. In fact, everybody was pleasant and nice. But it was in a very remote location, I didn’t know people there and frankly, most of them werent going in the same way that I was.

I valued hard work and dedication.

I wanted to become something. The majority of people there wouldn’t. I’m saying the majority because I didn’t know anybody there.


I had very little money, and my old car had once again broken down. For the Nth time. Showing up at the car repair show was both embarrassing and humiliating.

But it served as an important reminder.

About how if you’re buying cheap and paying little money, you get cheap in return. Which often ends up costing a lot of money. That was especially true with my old car.

I bought it some 8 years earlier for what I considered to be a ‘good price’.

And thought I got ‘a lot of car’ for little money.

That part was true, but what was also true was I got a lot of problems. Towards the end of the car’s life, literally every other month I had to take it to the mechanic. There was always an issue of sorts.

And while I got it fixed, I probably had benefited more from paying a higher price up front to get a quality car. With less issues. And less problems.

Case in point:

Planning is everything.

Don’t pay for the cheap stuff. It’s going to come back and haunt you for a long time. Fork over the extra $$$’s for what quality costs.

It’s all part of planning for success.

I talk more about that here: