The flaming horrors of clinics

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readOct 9, 2020


I’m sure there are many good clinics out there.

Probably, and quite likely, most clinics do their best to ensure the treatment of their patients. But, there are always some rotten eggs and worms in an apple. Which means, that there’s always going to be some bad clinics out there, that don’t take care of their patients.

Actually, I’ll start with a brief horror story that’s so brutal I have to leave out the details. Else, I’ll quite likely be prevented from writing ever again.

It’s something that should belong in a movie, but that’s sadly reality and that shows the general ineptness and laziness of clinics.

An elderly woman who smoked and who sat in a wheelchair was being rolled out on the terrace of her apartment. It was cold outside, so the homecare worker wrapped a thick wool sheet around her. The woman couldn’t speak properly due to a stroke or some other incident. She also had a fractured arm and some damages to her leg.

So, she was in essence, bound to the wheelchair.

The homecare worker shut the door, then took half an hour’s lunch break.

The cigarette that the woman had been given caused sparks to ignite in the sheet.

And you can probably work out the details yourself. The homecare worker took no notice of what happened, and other people on the clinic couldn’t hear the woman’s screams for help until half an hour had gone by. The woman was rushed to the hospital, but passed away a few weeks later with significant burning damages to her skin.

Aside from the atrociousness and abhorrence of what happened, this slightly reminds me of what a lot of people who rely on health services have to deal with every day.

Poor communication.

Bad advice.

A feeling of being ignored.

Like with the clinics out there that treat you like you’re in the military, forget appointments and in general do not hand over the right information to the right person so that you cannot get proper treatment.

Again, this may sound like something right out of a horror movie, but when you first learn that your health by and large is depending on people who not even could tie their shoelaces properly, and pass a message to the right person, doesn’t that make you want to take matter in your own hands?

I’m not urging you to stop seeing your doctor, by all means.

I’m just saying that doctors, nurses, specialists and healthcare workers are people.

With all their flaws and shortcomings.

They forget things. They mess up. They ignore. They ‘don’t feel like working hard today.’

Without giving any guarantees whatsoever, I know about a remedy that always feels like working, no matter what.

It doesn’t require any appointments to be sorted out, any messages to be delivered and certainly no glowing cigarette stuffed on a wool sheet.

It only requires your dedication to improving your health in general.

Eat healthy. Exercise to the best of your abilities.

And take CBD oil.