The food box dilemma

Aasmund Ryningen
4 min readApr 13


One of the things I specialize in is sweet talking my way into or out of things.

It requires an excellent understanding of just how the human mind works, what positions people are in, what makes their emotional buttons click and what sort of position *they* are put in, if they’re willing to help you with whatever request you have.

This is where I’ve seen so many people fall flat on their faces in the past.

They only think about themselves. They do not take into consideration the other party and what consequences it has for them. I am once again reminded by Jim Camp and what he said about vision. Namely, that in any sort of negotiation you go through, let the other party talk their way into being sold on doing it your way, as in purchasing your product.

The best way to do so is to simply ask for a no first.

Now, I’ve written extensively about how much I’ve learned from, as well as used, Jim Camp in the past. So I won’t do it again as much as I’d like to recommend you reading his book ‘Start With No’. By all means it’s not a heavy negotiation kit, and there are *many* layers to this sort of game, however it is highly efficient in everyday life to master these basics.

I’ll illustrate this by using a very crude and easy to understand example.

See if you can use this to your benefit.

Once I had a job which involved me working night shifts. Because of that I was naturally sleeping in the morning and early forenoon. Hence, my meal schedule was all messed up and my ‘breakfast’ was around 1 PM or so in the afternoon.

I stayed at a hotel for a while which served a breakfast buffet. The buffet would close in the morning at around 10 AM. In other words, right in the middle of my sleep. My only choice really, for as long as I lived there, would be to pack my food in a box or two and then leave the buffet without eating there.

Of course the staff didn’t really appreciate this way of doing things.

Not that they personally care, the food would have to be eaten. It was more so the [lack of] discretion element when a guest is simply walking in, putting food in a box and then leaving in front of the other guests. That scenery probably would make them feel uncomfortable.

So I kindly asked the guy who was registering the room numbers before entering the buffet about this delicate problem. I didn’t use any particular words.

But I used a *most suggestive* body language and voice inclination, making it seem like I would just walk in and out quickly. I also told the guy that I’d been talking to the receptionists about this particular thing.

All the time while smiling and doing my best to make the other guy feel comfortable.

I could see the discomfort in *his* eyes, but then he walked over to one of the waitresses and they had a brief chat. It seemed like she was in charge of him, and not the other way around.

Anyway, long story short, they agreed to let me in and do my thing.

They didn’t say, but they probably wanted me to be discrete. I was told this was usually against their protocol.

So, what is the takeaway here?

[Aside from labelling this whole story the ‘food box dillemma’]

‘This is not according to protocol’ is just your adversary [or as Jim Camp puts it, your respected, respected, respected opponent] in any negotiation. In this case the other party had the upper hand. In the wake of our brief, little conversation, I had the upper hand. And I managed to make both parties happy by walking away from this little negotiation.

Once again the wisdom of Jim Camp had helped me in life. And it can help you as well. I should also give Ben Settle credit for introducing me to Jim Camp.

Anyway, what’s this got to do with Energy Vampires and protecting your Time and Energy? Well, just about everything! If I make life easier for *both* parties in a negotiation or situation, I have saved myself tremendous amounts of *both* Energy and Time. It is really that simple. And something you should aspire to do as well.

Note that smiling, working on your voice and having an inviting body language all are crucial for conducting such. And it is crucial for battling it out against these Energy Vampires when you encounter them.

I explain this a lot more in depth in my FREE ebook which you’ll get when you opt into my email list.

I especially go into depths about how crucial it is to smile and make other people around you feel comfortable and at ease.

It is an oft underrated and under prioritized way of living which so many other people choose to ignore.

Yes ignore mind you! I simply cannot wrap my mind around how people fail to understand how looking into another person’s eyes, how smiling, how using a softer voice, how *they all* are important for you to get what you want out of life.

Anyway, it is also a highly efficient way of dealing with Energy Vampires, Time Thieves and overall do proper Time and Energy Protection [TEP].

Y’know, I could go on and on and on…but the truth is, you’re better off reading my book because there’s just *so much more* there.

Alright, I won’t keep you trippin’ for much longer…

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