The Pain not even Tony Robbins can cure

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readAug 4, 2020


‘Only women get it. Men don’t’

This obviously meant that you as a man weren’t supposed to feel pain. If you suffer, it means that it’s all inside your head. It’s something that you can do something with yourself without the aid of a specialist, doctor or even a remedy.

Because you are a man.

You’re supposed to be strong. Masculine. Virile. A Soldier.

With the world being in turmoil as it is today, we as men need to Man Up and set an example for our children, our spouses, our community and our peers. It is our responsibility to make society move on. Irrespective of how we feel both on the outside and on the inside. Even though we may feel physical pain, we shouldn’t preoccupy ourselves with it.

Allowing the pain to reduce your life quality makes you weak.

A coward.

Have you heard enough yet?

Have you had it with all the ‘tough’ and ‘manly talk?’

Are you one of the few sane ones who understand that the intense, chronic pain that you feel inside you actually means that there is something wrong with your body? That it doesn’t properly work and function the way it’s supposed to be?

If you are, you understand that this isn’t normal.

This isn’t just something you ‘brush off’ and then move on with.

It’s not like a simple cut in your finger that while it may bleed will for sure hurt, but eventually it’ll heal. That’s something that you can ignore.

But the pain inside your body is slightly different. It’s something that you cannot turn away from. It’s something that actually makes you perplexed. Confused. Discombobulated. Makes you forget things. Makes you sensitive to light, to temperature and weather changes.

It’s something that if you don’t have it, you don’t know how it feels.

Doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, as well as other ‘experts’, want you to believe it’s all mental. That you basically sit there like a little crybaby feeling sorry for yourself.



You know it. As do I. As does every other man out there who suffer from any chronic pain disorder. This isn’t just something that is gender specific. Despite the majority of patients are women, there are also significant amounts of men who have to live their life in pain and misery.

As long as something isn’t done about it.

And no, I’m not talking about going to a success seminar with Tony Robbins or read some self-help literature.

Nor do I mean taking drugs that can severely damage your body and that come with significant and sometimes even dangerous side effects.

That may be addictive.

I’m instead talking about the wonders of Mother Nature herself.

CBD oil.

It comes without a prescription. Without addiction. Without any known side effects.

Only thing is, the taste isn’t too good.

But, a glass of cranberry or orange juice will fix that for you.

If you’re a man (and of course, a woman), and you’re just looking for a medication that’s convenient and easy to take, CBD is what you need.

Go ahead and try it for yourself.