The Problem with emotions…

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readSep 3


…is that they really deceive you.

I’m going to give you an example: I mostly wake up feeling either down or a little bit depressed. I do not know why. I breathe the same air as yesterday, there is loads of food in my fridge and I am doing well overall. In fact, as of late, I’ve gotten in even better shape, I’m working harder than ever, I’m getting more success as a whole in terms of money, socializing, dates, and whatnot. Everything is just getting better and better.

But yet I have that annoying feeling every time I wake up in the morning.

And I do not know why.

What I *do* know is, it’s just a feeling.

An emotion.

Which could cloud my judgment and affect my actions in a severe way.

Yet I choose not to listen to my own emotions.

I know it’s my brain working against me. It’s some sort of internal programming which is supposed to trick and deceive me into doing all kinds of nonsense and whatnot. I choose against it. And with good reason.

Here’s what I’m seeing though;

A lot of people aren’t. In fact, they’re lead by their emotions. This can take a very dark side. As in being so angry with the world you choose to kill people. School shooters, Islamic terrorists, bank robbers and school bullies. Whatever mean and nasty things some are doing, I believe it is because they aren’t in possession of their emotions. Or they suppress them.

Now pause for a second.

I just said how I ignore my own emotions.

But I do not suppress them. I know they’re real. I’m not afraid of them. I can actually cry because I feel sad when training boxing or doing whatever work I need to do.

This ability to be willing to feel your own emotions, ignore them, *and still execute regardless of what you feel*, is really the cornerstone to creating massive amounts of Energy. It is what the Electrifying Persona [EP] needs to do all the time in this harsh world.

And it is what I very much teach *you* during my EP Calls where I follow a particular system [which there’ll be more about in the future].

Alright and with that, you can keep on reading a little bit, ’cause I’ve got something else I’d like to talk about.

You see, I’ve written a book on how to increase your Energy Levels. And, I’m actually going to contradict myself a little bit right now. It all starts with emotion. An emotion which you *choose* to fill your inner self with.

Namely Happiness.


I am actually saying you should *discard* whatever bad emotions you feel and replace them with Happiness.

That is the first step to generating unlimited amounts of Energy which I write in depth about in my book.

And the best part?

The book is *FREE*.

Want the book?

Well, just go to my bio, click the link and follow instructions accordingly.

And I will see you on the other side.