The Sad Mailbox Story

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readMar 7, 2021


Watch those bones, people. That’s all I’m going to say.


Most people really don’t understand the significance of vitamin D.

Let me tell you a little story here. A real story. Here goes;

An old woman was living in a remote lying location somewhere. She lived all by herself. In a house upon a hill. She was so old, she didn’t even have a computer, much less knew how to use one. She didn’t even use her old house phone.

I don’t even know whether she could use a phone at all.


She subscribed to a bunch of magazines. Mostly magazines of faith. She was a devout religious woman and loved solving crossword puzzles and read these magazines. It was her entertainment of the day.

One particular week, or it may have been two weeks, the road leading down from her house was in such bad condition.

It was icy and slippery.

She didn’t dare to walk down because she was afraid she’d fall and hurt herself.

Not only that, but the mailman who usually drove up the hill to the house to deliver the woman her mail in person, didn’t dare to drive up the road. It was just too slippery…

Which meant that the woman was without her daily fix…her daily entertainment for TWO WEEKS!

And, she didn’t have anybody to keep her company, remember? All her friends and family were dead.

All because her bones were so frail and weak, she was afraid of hip fracture should she fall.

If she’d taken [REDACTED] she might have had strong enough bones to muster the walk down to the mailbox and survive a couple of falls without breaking any hips or other parts of her body.

If you or someone you know are in the same boat, perhaps it would be useful to check out [REDACTED].

Just go here:



And that’s it.

Funny thing is, this was actually something I saw in a video interview where the mailman and the woman were interviewed.

The sad thing was, the mailman literally didn’t have time to walk up that hill because it would interfere with the rest of his route and thereby affect his schedule.

Anyway, that’s how easy it is to find ideas to write emails. Just look around you and tell stories from your everyday life and turn them into a reason to buy.