The secret to beating a “text neck”

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readMar 17, 2021


Today’s email contains a common problem that a lot of people find themselves victims to.


I don’t know who doesn’t have access to either a cell phone or a handheld device.

It ain’t few.

But, with this great invention of technology and the need to use it a lot, there comes certain conditions and issues.

Such as for example neck pain related to texting a lot because people have a tendency to pitch their head forward.

As I saw not too long ago on Google;

‘Text neck is a modern age term coined by US chiropractorDr. DL Fishman to describe repeated stress injury and pain in the neck resulting from excessive watching or texting on hand held devices over a sustained period of time.’

I don’t know who Dr. DL Fishman is, but I support his statement and findings 100%.

If you walk down the street today and you see a group of people waiting by the bus stop or they’re standing in line to pick up their coffee to go from a street vendor somewhere (disregarding the obvious effect a certain viral disease has had on society), I doubt you’ll see many who don’t produce their cell phones and start texting right away.

Text messages, Instagram messages, DMs in certain other applications, emails…there are limitless possibilities.

But, getting a text neck can really hurt.

I know, because I’ve had one.

It was seriously so bad, I didn’t even know what to do. It felt like the world had fallen together, really. Because I couldn’t even do basic stuff like tie my shoes or put on a pair of pants without being in tremendous pain.

Much less train or do other kind of household chores.

Not only that, but working on my computer was almost out of the question.

The pain was just too great.

And of course, using my cell phone was such a tremendous challenge, I almost had to put it away. I had to lift the phone up so it was on level with my face. I just couldn’t pitch my head forward anymore.


If I’d had access to [REDACTED] which is a simple cream that you apply on your neck, I’m sure I’d be way better off, faster.

The secret to this cream’s healing abilities is MAGNESIUM.

Yes, that’s right.


Say it out loud!

If you lack magnesium in your body, that may cause sleep deficiency, muscle spasms, leg cramps and overall decreased energy levels. Especially the muscle spasms can be a great challenge if you get them in your neck.

It’s simple, really.

If you suffer from a bad neck and you’ve tried everything, try [REDACTED].

Just go here:



I simply started writing about a common problem that many people face.

And, I’m fairly certain that 99% of the people who read this email not only recognize the problem, they also read it on their phones in that exact position that makes them prone to getting a text neck.

Even older people like the boomers.

To find information to write this email I simply found a product review of someone who’d applied the creme and then told a story about how I suffered through a similar neck issue a while ago. Believe me, at that time, if I knew there was such a product way back then, I’d easily bought it.

And what you can easily do is get in touch with me right here if you want me to write emails for your health supplement brand: