The secret to generate *more* Energy

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readSep 13


Picture the following;

You wake up in the morning and you feel completely exhausted. Tired. Fatigued. Somehow you know you’ve slept poorly and you really feel like an hour or two extra in bed could do wonders for you. Your feet feel like they’re made out of led. They feel heavy. Your whole body feels, and is, lethargic.

You defy your own thoughts and still make the big move.

Getting out of bed and you start your day.

Only, there is no such thing as ‘waking up with my morning coffee’ or ‘have to really start waking up soon’.


You’re already awake and you’re ready for training, work, whatever strenuous activity there is in your life.

Even if it means having a workout close to where you sleep, you’re ready for it.

The description above is accurate for how I go about most of my life.

I always wake up in state of feeling bad. Feeling weak. Not feeling the Energy. Just wanting to lay in bed and complain about my life.

This is important: The *desire is there*, but the *action is not*.

Meaning, I *want* and *desire* to stuff myself and the world full of excuses, whilst I actually defy them and choose not to even give them Power.

This shift inside my Mind — willpower at its finest — is how I generate Endless Energy, especially in the morning. Yes, I might *feel* tired, but since I know I’m going to feel tired regardless, why don’t I just get about with my day?

I might not *feel* like I want to train or work.

But I still do it.

Action begets action.

Momentum begets momentum.

And since I’m already rolling now, since I’m already doing stuff, I might as well get on with the rest of my day and ensure it becomes one of the most productive days ever.

The above is simply a choice you make.

You *choose* to think differently.

You *choose* to think that people naturally will want you to reach out to them. So you aren’t afraid of walking up to girls and talk to them. You *choose* to believe that you are actually worthy of getting more clients, so you start reaching out to more prospects. You *choose* to believe that you are worthy of a jacked body, so you furiously pursue your fitness and diet goals, especially on the days you do not feel like doing anything.

This means you are *genuinely* trying your best every single day.

Which means you can generate Endless Energy out of thin air.

I keep beating a dead horse here, but do you understand how important this change in thinking is?

If you wish to learn more, I actually have a helpful resource for you.

You see, I wrote a book on how to generate Endless Energy from nothing.

It goes into way more details than what I wrote about here and even suggests how you must eliminate certain things around you which you might not have heard or thought of before.

Yes I think you’ll find this highly valuable.

If you want the book it is FREE and you can get it by going to my bio, clicking the link and following instructions accordingly.

Do that and I will see you on the other side.