The SIGN language EV’s

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readJan 29


I can’t help but think of something the late Kevin Samuels was a big proponent of.

I believe he was also the one who invented this term. In any way, I heard it via him, so I’m going to give him his due posthumous credit.

I am talking about nothing else but the esteemed SIGN language.




Need To Be Rigaht

Basically, that summarized most of the haters he had to deal with in a nutshell. If you watched any of his livestreams, he constantly was dealing with so many people who would give him all sorts of trouble; threats, yelling, arguing with him about pointless nonsense and the like. The overall major pattern is, they were extremely disagreeable and did everything they could to sabotage the discourse. Scoring points, delivering cheap shots and overall didn’t really help Kevin Samuels in ‘His Mission’.

Now, it is worth pointing out that Kevin Samuel’s Mission was different than my and your mission. But the point still remains.

It all about finding out who the people around you are.

And by ‘who’ I mean, are they part of the cargo or the crew?

Are they using SIGN language on you to make you distracted? To make you feel bad?

Are they doing their utmost to make you feel worse for actually wanting to improve yourself?

Are they distracting you from what you are really supposed to be doing?

Or are they cheering for you and wanting to see you succeed?

Ask yourself this: If they do not support your hustle and grind, if they do not want to see you succeed, if they do not cheer for you, if they’re not supportive of what you are doing, are they really worth listening to? Are you really better off investing your hard earned time and energy into them?

Be honest with yourself.

Once again, I’m not saying you should completely cut other people loose.

But, y’know, it might be worth noticing who actually pays attention to you when you are talking and then considering how much time and attention you want to give them.

Perhaps not initiating so much contact with them.

Cut the time you spend with them gradually.

And so on.

Do all of these small things over time and what do you know, your life might become even better than what it used to.

Do not let the Energy Vampires, the nasty EV’s win this war.

They will do everything to make you feel bad.

If you find yourself stuck in the trenches, surrounded by EV’s who constantly use the SIGN language to make you feel bad, it might be time for a change in your life.

Maybe you need some help?

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