The Silent Killer

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readJun 13, 2020


I want to tell you about a nasty thing that people nowadays really don’t think too much about.

In fact, when I see other people and how they treat themselves to unhealthy foods, it’s a wonder that they’re still alive. That’s how bad this stuff really is.

It’s something called ‘free radicals’ which in short, causes a mess in your body. What happens is, free radicals are really little atoms or molecules with one unpaired electron.

That means, that a free radical is looking for another molecule to attach to, so that its one unpaired electron can become coupled.

Doesn’t sound too dangerous maybe, but I promise you, it’s way worse than what what you think.

See, what happens is, the free radical enters your body and looks for something to pair itself with. Often, it ends up being an atom or molecule in one of your cells.

If such a radical then is being attached to your cell, the cell may end up becoming unstable.

And seeks to create new, stable cells. In other words, the cells start reproducing themselves and may end up in as a lump or growth. If said lump spreads to other tissues in your body or can be transported via your blood, you’ve also got what’s known as cancer.

Yes, my friend, I’m actually telling you that certain foods, when consumed over a long time, may end up giving you cancer.

And if you think about it, it’s no wonder, really. Today, there are way more cancer cases than ever before. Part of the case is because science has made it easier to discover cancer cells at an early stage before they form a tumor.

But some of it is also related to the unhealthy, processed food that a lot of people eat.

Such as what’s typically found in junk food. Hamburgers. Pizzas. Tacos. And so on. Basically, any large fast food chain you can think of. It’s all garbage.

And, those chains want you to believe that you’re actually eating healthy by claiming that some of their beverages are sugar free and that the one leaf of lettuce you get on your hamburger is what’s keeping you healthy.

When the reality is, by constantly exposing your body by that kind of food you can potentially over time, lay the foundations for cancer cells to grow like there was no tomorrow.

Do yourself a favor today and commit to stop eating junk food.

Replace it with natural, healthy foods.

No, you don’t have to go vegan.

Just eat whole foods.

And, some CBD oil won’t hurt you either.

You can learn more about that on my website.