The sore loser non-business owners

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readOct 3, 2021


I remember the initial disappointment as the girl didn’t respond to my message.

I thought I was being funny. Witty. Charming. Original. And all the other things that girls supposedly are looking for in a man. But it turned out it was for no good, because I didn’t receive any response. All I was staring at was ‘seen’, as in to indicate that she’d seen my message but didn’t respond.

In that exact moment is where I personally diverge from a lot of other young single guys who don’t understand ‘the game’.

In short, I don’t care much.

I just move on to the next. Why bother dealing with people who don’t want you in the first place? Even though you’re physically attracted to them?

This is where a lot of young guys today turn into obsessed stalker losers. Instead of moving on like a reasonable human being would, they start stalking the girls on other apps and social media, turning into creeps.

And while indeed maybe it could have worked to try their luck again at a later time or just politely withdraw and accidentally bump into each other later, going all in on someone who just rejected you normally isn’t a good idea.

Young guys turn into creepy and eerie weirdos.

Aspiring business owners turn into sore losers who aren’t getting things their way.

It’s all the same, only in a different cloth.

And it highlights one very important tenant:

Place yourself in a position so that they chase you, not you them. Whether it’s becoming the man that the girls really want or the business owner that other people want to do business with.

Positioning is very important.

And I talk about that a lot in my preparation and planning calls.

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